Sometimes my life's a cruel and painful joke;
Conspiring against me and only me.
Well it's not funny and I've had enough.
Uncle! I give up!
Uncle! I give up!

Dreaming about disappearing disconnecting retreating.
Romanticizing hermitizing in a far-off grotto.
I anathematize the modern age; help me, I cry, now.
But when you notice I'm gone, well you know why, now.
I fantasize, I comminate, but don't try to get out. WOW!
Not surprising that I can't figure out how.

Don't come looking for me.
Don't come looking for me.

Things that normal people find useful- for me, unusable
Daily objects that work fine for them give me heartache no end.
The label says it's easy to connect, NOT easy at all.
the dogma is that you can plug it right into your phone; bullshit.
I commiserate with friends, but learn it works just fine for them.
"I don't know what to tell you. That's not happening for me bro."

Frustrated enough to commit uncharacteristic sins
I want to scream "FUCK YOU" to everyone I know and meet.
And eliminate the frustration from my dark existence.
But of course the source is only me so how can I break free?

It's petty to voice my infinitesimal
infinitesimal infinitesimal
paranoid entitled frustration when
there are real legitimate problems in the world.
People are starving, being tortured and detained.
Innocents getting gunned down by poor veterans
mentally/emotionally ravaged by war.
The "alt-right" is working hypocritically
to steal away benefits, rights and dignity
of women and minorities while all the while
sending young men to their death (or insanity)

All for insanity.
It's all insanity.

Embrace the fact that
perspective is power
surrender to "all you can do
wherever you are just relax be yourself
start with a smile you do you!"
The harsh world I see is my own bad reflection.
All I can change is within
The harsh world we see is our own bad reflection.
All we can change is within.

illustration by Melissa Dzierlatka


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