No One's An Asshole

No one's an asshole, my dear brothers and sisters.
To all those I've bitten, cutting my teeth,
Thank you for helping me learn and grow.
Mistakes can be our wisest teachers.

No one's an asshole;
We all do our best but see different worlds.

Sometimes I don't know how far is too far
Until I've stepped on your toes finding my path.
My intentions were never to cause pain;
but hurt happens when our world views don't match.

No one's an asshole;
We're all here to help each other find our way.

Grateful for those whom I've pissed off to the point
That they school me on exactly what they think.
To those who've let loose when I was an ass in their eyes,
I regret saying, or thinking, that you're the jerk.

No one's an asshole;
Everyone is scared and looking out for themselves.

I know not to hold it against your character;
Selfishness is the human default setting.
We can all give and receive permission to flub.
Forgiveness is the more spirited path.

No one's an asshole;
We're lost and confused. No one's holding the fort.

Many times I've been the one hurting you,
Making you feel bad when we don't allow
For our different realities to coexist.
I'll give you leeway - permit me to do me.

No one's an asshole
and yet everyone's an asshole (in someone's mind).

When I point a finger or hurl an epithet,
I know that my view is my own creation
so I'm truly referring to myself.
You are my mirror, my education.

No one's an asshole.
Growth hurts (such is life) and we're all in this together.

Lessons along the way are not always
pleasant nor comfortable. So thank you
for being my asshole and for letting me be yours.
Truth is, without assholes we're all full of shit.


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