Moses Lake to Butte - Nia in Hayden

I woke up early in Moses Lake, WA and drove to Hayden, ID without incident. 

I taught class and we had a blast. I used the focus of Moving Centers for Fantasic. I wanted to get a group shot after class, and I set up my movie camera to capture our movements. I framed us and then when I got in place in the photo, I crouched down so I wasn't blocking people behind me.  But everyone followed suit and we were all crouched down for no reason. haha.

They're a really fun group and always give a very warm welcome.

I hung around on the big lawn in front of the fitness center and let River chase me, and a stick, and a leaf, and whatever we could find. Then we took a nice, long drive to Butte, MT.
We stopped a three rest areas for eating and stretching and relieving ourselves.
We drove through the smoke that I thought I had left behind in Seattle. It was really bad at one point and then by the time I got to Butte it wasn't quite as bad. But it wasn't as pristine as Leavenworth, nor as Seattle by the time I left. I hope I'm not following the plumes eastward.

I have a microwave in the room so I heated up some of my soup and sausage for dinner before taking River for a stroll around Butte. It seems to be a big mining town. The town symbol is an oil well.
I'm staying in 'uptown' which I guess is the old-town.

I called this an oil well, but have since learned, it is not a driller, but it's a framework that holds a pulley system attached to a platform. The platform was used to lower men and mules down into the copper mines, and to pull the loads of ore back up.  I'm told they decorate the structures for Christmastime.


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