Feast or Famine

"Break" by J. Stephen Brantley, directed by Jonathan Warman and featuring Hunter Gilmore and myself had wrapped three weeks ago. As in any theatrical venture, this project brought together a group of disparate artists who work together and usually become very close and tight; like a temporary family. We traveled with this show to Provincetown, RI and also enjoyed an exciting run in New York as part of the EATFest with Emerging Artists Theatre. The role was a challenge and my partner, Hunter, was a blast to work with. So, when it all came to an end, it left me with an empty feeling of mourning.

I was going on auditions, but three weeks passed and I still hadn't gotten anything further than a callback for "The East Village Chronicles" at Metropolitan Playhouse.

Memorial Day Weekend.

Within a 24 hour period I heard from Roberto Cambeiro that I was invited to participate in a short play festival at Wings Theatre, I was offered a part in Duncan Pflaster's International Midtown Theatre Festival entry "Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants" and was asked if I could step into rehearsals at Medicine Show Theatre's "Pleasures of Peace" due to them losing an actor.
I was able to say yes to all of them since Pleasures of Peace performed in June, Prince Trevor performed in July and the Wings plays were slated for August.

In one day I went from grieving, lonely despondant out of work actor, to being booked almost all the way through the summer!

I'll say it again..."this is a crazy business" But I couldn't do anything else.

Well, I guess I better get started learning that script for "Pleasures of Peace"


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