"Ringers" - a short film-noir starring Jason Alan Griffin

Written and Directed by Dikayl Rimmasch

"Ringers" shows the nightmarish trip of a man whose little plan didn't turn out like he expected. Dikayl has created a world in which one is never sure what's real or what anyone is really up to; a world somewhere near the corner of David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock.
Jason says, "When I first read this script at the audition, it read, to me like an episode of The Twilight Zone; and I loved that show growing up. I immediately knew I wanted to do this movie."
Dikayl has said that his choice in casting JAG, was mainly for his tendency to seem completely non-confrontational. He said that it was hard finding a New York actor who didn't read as 'tough' during those intense scenes.

Follow this link to view the movie.

Total running time: 16:24

The original title of this film was The Case.
Here is one of the first promo cards made:

Playwright John Gruen said, "Just saw "Ringers" -- totally terrifying. Your performance is superb. You have a true screen presence and, with practically no dialogue to speak of (so to speak), you make every moment a riveting and dangerous experience. Bravo! The direction, photography and editing are equally first-rate. It should win everyone several awards."


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