HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 - a new Vrschikasana

2009 is over.
What a year it was. The economy and my health have both seen better times.

But all things recover. We adapt. We change the rules. We change our behaviors. Our priorities change.

I love to change, I love to grow, and I love to learn and teach.

So, I taught myself a lesson by injuring my shoulder in January of 2009 and went "back to school" in the physical realm.

Turning lemons into lemonade, I built my body back, better, stronger and faster than it was before. I discovered the secrets to flexibility and the part that movement plays in healing. I gained an education about strength training that led to the creation of JAG Energy Flow and the JAGfit personal training program.

I could do over 200 pushups when 2009 began. In the spring of '09, I was in constant pain, taking aspirin and unable to lift my arm over my head. On my 43rd birthday, June 15, 09, I could do a plank, but not a full push up in good form. I had distorted my torso by favoring my uninjured side while lifting weights. By about September of 2009, I was feeling good again and went on a raw food diet to cleanse and heal my body and to gain maximum flexibility. I did that for a month and then started a program of rebuilding my strength from the ground up, and super charging my metabolism to burn lots of fat. (This eventually gave birth to JAG Energy Flow).

Now, January 1, 2010; a time for reflection. As I look at my body this morning, I'm amazed at what I've done in the past three months. Considering how far down I had sunk, it is incredible to me that I look better now than I did a year ago, before the injury. I'm so excited by this new discover and by the creation of JAG Fitness, Energy Flow and the JAGfit program. I'm thrilled to get out and show the world how they can do this to themselves. Three months can do wonders!!

So now, not only am I back to doing pushups, (I haven't gotten back up to 200 yet) but I'm feeling strong in a whole new way. A year ago I would never had attempted something like a scorpion pose. But a few days before Christmas I decided I wanted to try it. My mentor, Lucas Rockwood gave me some pointers on getting into the pose and I tried it.

To my amazement I was able to do it against the wall. A few more days of practice and I was able to take my feet off the wall. Here I am on one of the first days I took my feet off the wall.

I practiced again this morning and I didn't need the wall at all. I was able to hold myself in the position for a few breaths, feeling steady and stable.

So, although I do feel that 2009 was a tough year, it was actually a wake up call. A slap in the face of hysteria. A splash of cold water on a woozy head. It paved the way for 2010 to be a year of health and prosperity.

My Mantra for the New Year is: I will become rich by adding value to the lives of others.


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