Books that Changed My Life

Here are some books that have changed my life:

I would consider them indispensable for anyone interested in running as a pastime. And especially long distance runners. "Born To Run" reminds us how having fun and not getting too serious will go a long way toward improving the longevity of your body and your running. And Body, Mind and Sport goes into the benefits of staying calm and relaxed, and actually improving your times and distances by training less hard.

I just recently started reading Born to Run, and immediately it was inspirational. Even though I'm not typically a runner, I have started to find myself breaking into a run at random times. The book talks about a tribe of people who run for 100 miles. Their perspective on running is that it is fun. It is a joy. It's playful. This whole new outlook on the practice of running makes it fun to do, so I just sometimes run to the corner instead of walking. I feel like a little boy again.

Written by a runner and a doctor, introduces the ancient practice of Ayurveda into long-distance running. But it translates into any phsyical activity or sport. I originally read this book about fifteen years ago when I was into swimming, and it transformed my approach to the sport and to all my activities. The clients that I was working with at that time all commented on how much they loved the new approach. I still base all of my exercise on the foundations I learned in this book.

Getting both of these books and putting the principles into practice will take your running, or any sport to new heights.

Both, totally mind blowing.

Get these books and read them. I'd love to hear what you thought.


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