Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fifteen Reasons Why I Prefer to Work Out at Home Rather Than at a Gym

1- I can control the music

2- I can control the temperature

3- I save about half an hour each workout just on the commute alone

4- I can wear whatever I want

5- I save about $1000/ year

6- I don’t have to wait my turn for anything

7- I know it’s clean

8- I don’t have to be self-conscious or compare myself to others

9- I don’t have to hear other people’s inane conversations while I’m trying to focus

10- I can do it any time of the day or night and on holidays

11- I can take my workout with me when I travel

12- I can choose to do it outside

13- I can work out with friends even if they’re not “members”

14- I’m not distracted by people dropping weights, grunting or yelling

15- it smells much better

1 comment:

Fit Chick in the City said...

This is a great list! Gyms are over rated!