Full Page Ad in New York Times

I don't get the Times, but I started getting emails from my friends asking if that was me in the cheese shop in the New York Times.

I checked it out and it was definitely me. Or, at least, it was my head.

Capital One Bank had taken a shot of a guy standing in a cheese shop and photoshopped my head onto it. It was pretty surreal to see me with a completely different body. I've never had a gut like that.
The best scan I could get, because of the size of the ad and the size of the scanner, is here:

It's a pretty good job. I can't tell it's photo-shopped, but it kind of gives me the creeps to know that someone was meticulously cropping my head and neck and cutting and pasting it onto that other guy's body.

It showed up on Page 7, Metropolitan section, Sunday, Feb 1. New York Times. If anyone can get a scan of the entire full-page ad, I'd love to get a copy of it.

The original shot, where my head was taken from, is here:


Kellygirlnyc said…
Oh that's weird. AND creepy. I was just reading an article about that sort of thing. Ugh.

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