Deep Stretching

I use a technique for increasing flexibility that I call Deep Stretching.

It involves putting my body into a position that I can relax into. The more I relax, the deeper the stretch gets.  I'm relying on gravity to do the stretch so I have to do no work.   In fact, the biggest challenge is to remain relaxed while my body experiences such a deep tissue stretch.

In this video I'm holding about 18 stretches for three minutes each.  I turned the camera on and let it run as I did my workout and then I went back later and recorded a voiceover, talking about what I'm doing.

Due to an injury, there are a couple of stretches that I'm unable to do, but I show them anyway so I can demonstrate a way to do your workouts even while injured.

You can download this 57 minute video here for only $9.  Or if you want more videos for less money, you can subscribe to JAG's Video Club and get three videos each month for only $13 monthly.

Use this button to purchase Deep Stretching.

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The following video is a short sampler that was posted on YouTube. It was compiled from clips of the Deep Stretching video. In the short video, I was focused on the movement of my dog while I tried to remain still. In the actual video, he really isn't moving all that much. I literally used every bit of his movement to put together this amusing compilation.  But I offer it here so you can view it and get an idea of the style, the lighting and the types of stretches you'll be seeing in the full length video.


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