Energy Flow

In 2009, I seriously injured my shoulder lifting weights in the gym.  At that time, I made a commitment to myself to find a way to stay in shape without lifting weights. I worked, explored, researched, studied, experimented and finally came up with what I call Energy Flow.  It combines the concepts of high intensity interval training with calisthenics and yoga.

I used my creation to bring my body back to a place of strength and stability over the next year.

Then, in 2010, I put together what I had created into a class format and began teaching Energy Flow to other people. It proved a very challenging and rewarding experience for both me and my students to share in the learning that this technique brings about.

I have experienced in myself and witnessed in those who choose to undertake the program, a great improvement in strength AND flexibility, as well as an adjustment of the body weight to a lower percentage of fat weight to muscle weight.

Until now, this technique was only available through personal training sessions with me at the rate of $160/hour, or through classes, which I only teach as a two- or three- month series, only a couple times per year.

But now, I've put together a basic example of the Energy Flow format, which you can purchase and download and watch for only $9. It is a video of me, in my home studio, going through my Energy Flow workout, including a full warm-up and cool down.  There is also an added voice-over commentary in which I describe what I'm doing.

This video was not made with the intention of creating an instructional session. It is merely a recording of my typical daily workout. I am making it available to use as you see fit.  Some people may want to use it to exercise along with, and that is their choice and at their own discretion. Officially, it is release for entertainment purposes.  If I were to make an instructional video, I would need to know who I was addressing so that I could give appropriate cues.  Those types of videos are certainly available, and if that interests you, please contact me and we'll go about beginning the processs of creating a customized video for you.

But if just watching what I do is all you need, then you can't beat the price of this 42 minute video for only $9.

Here is a sampler, put together from clips from the video you'd be downloading.

If you're interested access to the full, 42 minute version of this video, you can use this PayPal button.
 Once you payment is processed you will be directed to a page where you can view and/or download the video immediately.  There is no hard DVD copy, this is a fully downloaded product.

Keep moving.

Enjoy life.


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