Torso Yoga

The flow video I'm posting for August is something I'm calling Torso Yoga. Not strictly yoga, but certainly based in the practice, Torso Yoga is an hour of movements that focus on strengthening and stretching the torso:
Abdominals, Obliques, Back, Buttocks, Chest, Hips and Shoulders.

It is a well rounded hour and not too strenuous although very taxing.

You can download and own the full, one-hour video for only $9.

I had music playing the day I worked out, but I've taken the sound out for this video and I've added a voice over commentary describing what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. I feel like if you want music, you would probably want to choose your own.  And having silence behind my voice over is much less distracting.

The video you can see on this page is hosted on YouTube and is compiled from clips of the very same video you'd be downloading. I've added a musical score to the clips, making a montage. I offer this short video as a way for you to get an idea of the feel of the video and the type of movements you'll be seeing if you purchase the video, but don't expect the music and the quick cutaways.

The videos I offer for purchase are different than the ones I post on YouTube. Whereas, the YouTube videos are five to ten minutes tops and made up of short clips, the Video Club videos are full-length and unedited, so you'll see everything I did during that hour, including laying down my blanket, scratching myself or my dog, taking a sip of water, sneezing, etc. And of course all of the exercises and stretching I do.   It's truly as if you were there with me.

Use this button if you'd like to purchase Torso Yoga for $9.

If you're interested in more of my videos at an even lower price, you might be interested in JAG's Video Club, which is $13 a month for three different types of videos, 1) a Nia rehearsal, 2) a JAG Energy Flow workout, and 3) a yoga, stretching or flow session.

Click here to read more about JAG's Video Club, or use the button below to subscribe and get three videos sent to your email inbox each month.


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