Absolute Yoga

In October of 2010, I went to Thailand and spent a weekend at Absolute Sanctuary, a gorgeous yoga retreat center on Koh Samoi.

It was there, over that weekend, that I did a lot of thinking and planning and putting together a new, updated business plan for JAGfit.

And also while I was there, I ate baby coconuts and a delicious, local vegetarian cuisine and we practiced "Hot Yoga" daily. I'm not a big fan of yoga in heated rooms. I easily generate enough body heat to have sweat dripping off my nose and elbows just from a moderately strenuous bout of exercise. But I did really appreciate the sequence of poses we practiced.

So I took a photograph of the pose chart on the wall (thank you iPhone) and when I got home, I copied it down into my book of workouts.  I've been practicing that sequence, or a variant of it, ever since.

Today I made a video of myself practicing a variant of that sequence. I set a timer to bong every minute and I work on or hold each pose for the entire minute.

The thing about my timer in this video... I had only taken the time to set it up to bong about 12 times. And there are over 40 positions. So ever ten poses or so, I have to go and reset my timer. Not a big deal. If it were a big deal, I'd just program my timer to have 40+ sessions rather than the dozen or so. But it's more work to set the timer that many times than it is to walk over and reset it a few times during my workout.

This video is about an hour, including a ten minute restful corpse pose at the end.

Here is a sneak preview video. This video only shows brief clips of some of the poses and does not include the voiceover that comes with the full length video.  I added a soundtrack to the preview video instead.  But you can get an idea of the unconventional lighting and camera angle and maybe get a sense if you'd enjoy the full length version or not.

If you do want the full length version, you can download it for only $9. Use the PayPal button you see here to purchase it and you will get immediate access to the file for viewing and/or downloading.



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