Phase Two Energy Flow

Last month I posted a video of me doing my basic Energy Flow workout.  It was the exact same technique that I've taught many times in Energy Flow classes and to private training clients.

This month, I'm posting the next phase. Once I've worked with the basic Energy Flow movements long enough to feel comfortable and strong with them, I graduate to the more sophisticated Phase Two movements.

The four exercises you'll see are designed as offshoots from the four basic Energy Flow positions: The Squat, the Plank, the Bridge and the Side Plank.  By moving into, through and out of these positions, or moving back and forth between two of the movements, the energy really starts to flow.

People who have taken my Energy Flow class, and were interested in moving to the "Next Level", well this is it. I am finally making this level available.

As always, the video is me working out in my studio. I've recorded a voice-over to help make the workout accessible to be enjoyed in many different ways, including possibly working out right along with me, if you should choose to do so.

 Use this button if you'd like to own a copy of Phase Two Energy Flow for yourself. It's only $9 for the full 55 minute video, immediately downloaded to your computer as soon as your purchase is complete.

If you want a sneak peek, check out this short teaser I put together of clips from the full length version.  (The teaser does not include the voice over.)

If you're interested in getting all three videos each month, you can join JAG's Video Club for only $13/month. That's a significant savings over the already ridiculously cheap $9 per video if you got them individually. Read more about JAGs Video Club here and here.



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