Bliss is a classic Nia routine created by Carlos Rosas.  It was discontinued many years ago and is no longer available through Nia. Only teachers who were licensed in the late 90s have had access to this routine. 

It mostly features the music of Rae & Christian from an album called “Northern Sulphuric Soul”
and three songs by Shantel from the album “Higher Than the Funk”
both from 1998. 

The focus of the routine, as described by Carlos, is on tapping into a reverse gravitational force that lifts us up, as opposed to the gravity that we know of that pulls us down. Carlos describes traditional gravity as magnetic and this uplifting gravity as electric. Personally, I’m not sure about the validity of this theory and/or the existence of this upward force, but it is certainly fun and interesting to play around with ‘tapping into it.’

Over the years, this routine has helped me find an ease in my movement and an alignment in my posture while I move. Whether or not it is due to actual anti-gravity, or whether it is self-imposed from imagining this force, it does nonetheless affect my movements. And I teach it to my students in the hopes that they can also learn from pretending to tap into this upward lifting energetic force. 

Here is the playlist: 

All I Want -Shantel
The Hush -Rae & Christian
All I Ask                                            -Rae & Christian
Swimming Pool -Rae & Christian
Spellbound                                       -Rae & Christian
Fool -Rae & Christian
Swansong                                        -Rae & Christian
Where The Story Ends, Life Begins  -Shantel
Blessed                                            -Shantel

In the original version, Carlos uses the final song “Blessed” twice in a row. But I don’t. I’ve chosen to do my FloorPlay accompanied by a meditative, trance-inducing piece of music:

Oceana -Gabrielle Roth (& The Mirrors)  (from their album, “Ritual”)

and then a finish with a final instrumental that brings the lightness and floating of the routine to a lovely, peaceful conclusion:

Prelude To Pablo -Willie & Lobo (from their album, “Fandango Nights”)

The timing of the full routine comes out about the same as if I'd used Blessed twice.

I’ve taught this routine for many years and it still presents challenges to me and offers opportunities for discovery.  Feel free to watch this short collection of clips from my Bliss practice session I posted on YouTube.

If you like the idea of Bliss,I suggest asking around and finding a Nia teacher near you that still teaches this classic routine.


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