Jason Coming Out of Retirement

You may have heard the rumors... But this makes it official.  

Jason is coming out of retirement and bringing the older Nia routines with him.

Early in 2011, JAG announced his retirement. After being in the fitness and wellness industry since 1993, it was necessary to take a break for some personal self-healing and soul searching. Living in New York City and working as an actor, model, Nia teacher, personal trainer and massage therapist for eleven years led to a bit of burn-out. Jason needed some “Jason time”. He moved to Seattle and adopted an abused and abandoned dog from the rescue shelter and spent a good year in “dog therapy”.

During this period of introspection it became clear that Nia was a passion that was calling him to teach once again. Nia has called and he’s going to answer. So now Jason is announcing a come-back.

The plan is to present his entire body of work in the form of monthly classes and learning playshops. Jason has over thirty routines under his belt, including some originals and many beloved Nia routines that teachers can no longer access from Nia. Remember Agolo?  Yulunga? Bliss? Moodfood? Commitments? Sanctuary? AO? Have you heard of Bond Girls? Rockin? ...  many, many more. He’s still learning and creating new ones, so there is well over three years of material to present. 

Once a month, Jason will teach a routine from the vaults and follow that up with a playshop for teachers interested in learning to teach the routine. Students with a passion for learning and practicing routines in great depth and basking in the knowledge and sixteen years of experience of a veteran Black Belt Nia teacher, are perfectly welcome to attend the full playshops. 

Jason will present each routine only once so jump on this golden opportunity while you can.  Watch this blog and the Nia Seattle newsletter and email for announcements of the day and time of the playshop and which routine is featured that month. 

The class is a classic Nia class and can be experienced on its own, or the class plus the learning playshop afterward is probably going to be about five hours and includes a copy of my 8BCs and the music on CD or digital format.

Jason is still in the planning stages of this very exciting idea, so we welcome any thoughts or suggestions anyone has on this.  Jason says, “I look forward to presenting this work and I hope to see you there.”


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