PRANA practice

One of my favorite old Nia routines created by Debbie Rosas was Prana.

I have always felt connected to the culture of the Native Americans. I resonate very strongly with their natural connection to the earth and to their beliefs that nature is sacred.  The music of Prana is a blend of traditional Native American music and chants with modern dance beats and languid string instrumentation.  The result is something so musically unique and powerful.

The focus of the routine is on the breath and breathing and finding power, relaxation, grounding and centering all through the use of our breath. It can be a scary thing for many people to explore, but this routine gives a safe place for exploring and experimenting.

I recently decided to take this routine out of my closet, dust it off and present it to other Nia teachers. Many new teachers have come onto the scene since Prana has been officially discontinued by Nia.  And I feel like it is a valuable addition to any teachers repertoire.

Whenever I workout, I record myself. I learn by being my own coach. So I have a lot of footage of myself working out. When I practice my Nia routines, that's no exception. I don't make any videos of official Nia routines, but I'll share some clips from my workout on YouTube.

So, that said, here a video I posted on YouTube.  This is an example of me practicing Prana at home. I'm offering this glimpse for the purpose of showing you the quality and style you can expect in the routine and to encourage you to go out and find a teacher teaching this routine and enjoy it!


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