Routines from the Vault: PRANA

Many years ago, Debbie Rosas created a delicious routine called Prana. The focus was on using the breath and the music was all from a single album called Sacred Spirits. I learned this routine at the time and have learned SO much about using breath as a means to access stability, strength, balance and ease. 

The music is a gorgeous blend of Native American music, string instrumentation and modern techno beats. And the movements are simple, graceful and powerful.  The used CD can be purchased on for less than $5. 

In the movements, a lot of attention is given to balancing on one leg and using the exhale to find support. I love how this routine can really amp up but then it really slows down right in the middle to offer a truly dynamic experience of being connected to our center.

The routine was retired to the vault many years ago and is no longer available as an option for teachers, but it is still enjoyed immensely by those teachers who were around back then, and their lucky students.

Now I’m bringing Prana out of the vault to be enjoyed by Seattle Nia dancers one more time. 

The class will be held at 1pm - 2pm in the Century Ballroom East Hall on Sunday, January 27.

The Century Ballroom is located on Capitol Hill in the Oddfellows building:

915 E Pine St. second floor

I’m thrilled to be re-introducing this old classic routine to the Seattle Nia community.  Come and do the Prana routine with me as I lead my first Nia class in Seattle for the year 2013. There aren't many opportunities to do Nia with Seattle's First Nia Teacher, so I hope you can make this one.  There is really no other routine quite like it. 

COST: $10 at the door
Everyone is welcome, please invite your friends, loved ones and your teachers and students. Everyone will get something from this very powerful, important and unique routine. 


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