Closing the Vault

Like so many things I do in my life, I jumped in with both feet. Now having had the experience twice, I realize it wasn’t the right time or the right idea, so I have decided to “Close the Vault” and no longer offer playshops teaching the old, retired routines.

What I learned was that there wasn’t enough interest in the older routines to make the venture worthwhile. I think because the new routines are always coming out and offering so much good material, there isn’t really time or a need for the older routines. Sure, they were great. And I’m so glad I have some of the more esoteric ones under my belt, as it seems like the ones coming out now are more homologous.

I will still maintain my teaching license and of course still travel around the country and the world teaching both old and new routines, as well as some that I have created myself, but I will no longer be attempting to put together a monthly Routine From the Vault playshop in Seattle.

I'll never forget, at my Black Belt training, Carlos looked me in the eye as we were all walking out the studio door for one of our 'field trips' and he said "Don't push the river." 
Long story short, I did and there were many repercussions. But I did learn from it. My tendency is to push the river. But now I'm jumping back in it. I think when the time comes to teach the right vintage routine playshop, it will happen. But I'm not going to push the river.


I have scheduled a classic Nia class in Seattle this month.  It will be Sunday, February 24 at 11am.  I’ll be teaching the classic routine AO (Alpha Omega), which was one of my favorites. The cost for this class is $10.

Check out this blog for info on this class and all upcoming JAG Fitness events.
If any teacher is interested in learning any of the older routines, or even if they need help embodying one of the current routines, I will still offer my private tutoring services at my rate of $80/hour.


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