Routines from the Vault - AO: Alpha Omega

February’s Routine From the Vault will be in the format of an 8BC Playshop.
The focus of the weekend will be on the AO routine, and my intent is to transmit and assist the students in receiving the routine using Nia’s 8BC music and choreography notation system.

AO, short for Alpha Omega, is a retired Carlos routine using the profound sounds of Bob Holroyd’s “A Difference Space” album. I often refer to this as a Perfect Routine because of it’s cohesiveness and sense of completeness and resolution. It’s a perfect example of dynamic ease and balance. The focus of the routine is on “the beginning and the end” of each movement, (hence the Alpha and Omega; the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet). The earthy/spaciness of the music provides a mystic soundtrack to this very satisfying Nia masterpiece.

Listen to snippets from the album, here.

The choreography in AO is wonderfully fun and grounded, which lends to using it for self healing or increasing strength and allows for a lot of expressive creativity in the upper extremities.

If you are well-versed in the 8BC system you will leave the weekend with an impressive, new routine under your belt that you and your students will want to do again and again. You may still need to practice and rehearse before you teach it, but at least you’ll HAVE it.

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with or not well-versed in the 8BC method, this will be a great opportunity to get intimate with it. As we listen to the music and practice our barring, I will teach you how to make doing the 8BCs your ally and turn it into an indispensable practice. With my help, you will bar the entire routine on Friday night. By the time we start moving on Saturday, you will be very familiar with the music.

There is no other routine quite like AO. It is instantly recognizable and widely loved. I want to bring this routine out of the vault and keep it alive in the Nia community.

The weekend will look like this:

Friday, February 22 6:00 pm -10:00 pm   
“Music and the art of creating your bars”
@Casa d’JAG in Capitol Hill

Saturday, February 23 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
“Movement and the art of noting choreography”

Sunday, February 24 11:00 am - Noon
“Nia Jam: The Magic of teaching AO”

Saturday and Sunday will be at Velocity Dance Center; 1621 12th Ave; Seattle

The Jam is open to the public for an admission of only $5.

I will be teaching AO twice over the weekend. Once in private, for the teachers in the playshop, and once as a Jam for the public on Sunday. Any teachers registered in the playshop who want to teach a song or two in the Jam are enthusiastically encouraged to do so and will be receiving the utmost support from me and everyone. Please tell your students and friends to come and share the experience with you.

The Jam only is $5 paid at the door.

 The cost of the full weekend will be $59. After February 15, the cost goes up to $80. Please pre-register. :) As soon as your payment is received you will get a copy of my 8BCs and a link to the music you can use for the course. I'm not giving the music to you, but just letting you use it. It is your responsibility to purchase your own copy.  I've seen it used on for a little as $0.90. The sooner you have music, the sooner you can begin working with it.

Register here for the playshop.


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