JAG & River: Coming to Your Town?

River and I are hitting the road again. This time we're going from Seattle, across the northern US to the Great Lakes, then down to Texas, and then west to the Pacific Coast and back up to Seattle.

Check out our exact itinerary here:

While in town, I'd love to teach some Nia in your community.

I have put together a super-fun classic Nia routine using all Classic Rock & Roll music.  The routine has such favorites as Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and many others.

I can easily expand the format of the class to a 90 minute Master Class. I can tone the intensity down or up depending on the community I'm teaching it in. And I can also teach many different workshops while I'm in town.In the past, I've taught:

The Art of FreeDance

The Five Sensations of Fitness - Strength, Flexibility, Stability, Mobility and Agility

The Nine Movement Forms: the Healing Arts, Dance Arts and Martial Arts of Nia

Mastering Your Levels 1, 2 and 3

and many others.

A lot of times, the type of workshop I teach is based on having a conversation with someone prominent in the community. I can tailor my presentation to whatever needs the community has or to what the community enjoys most.

Typically, I like to be in partnership with one person representing the region (the "producer"). That person will secure a space and take on the task of promoting the event and filling the room with people.  I don't have a set price for my offerings, as it will be different in each community. I'll leave the pricing up to the discretion of the producer. I typically take 70% of the profits and the producer takes 30%.

Nothing is set in stone. I'm very easy to work with and I do this for the love of doing it.

River is my dog. He travels with me and comes to the studios with me, when I teach. I walk him in on leash and set up his crate. He remains inside his crate during class. Many students want to interact with him, and he loves people. That is allowed, of course. Also many students are not comfortable with dogs, or may have a fear or an allergy. I can't speak for the ones with allergies, but I do know that many people with fears of dogs have come and enjoyed my class with River in attendance and have remarked afterwards how comfortable they were.

River has a lot of energy and as I said, he loves people and wants to engage. But he is also very disciplined and minds me. I tend to guide him right into his crate before class and then back out of the room again afterwards. Meet and greet is fine at any time, but also students who don't want to interact with the dog will find it very easy to avoid.

If you see a city on our itinerary that is close to you, and you'd like to arrange an event, please contact me as soon as possible. The more advance notice we have, the more people we can typically attract.


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