Exploring Oregon

Woke up in Eugene and had a home made breakfast of bacon and eggs and freshly made biscuits.

Decided to see eastern Oregon, so headed to Bend. It’s a beautiful tree-lined drive with a river running next to it and a big mountain in the distance. Turns out it was more than one mountain, but the third, fourth and fifth highest peaks in the state, all right next to each other and collectively called Three Sisters.

On the way to Bend I saw the aftermath of a horrific accident. The ground was wet with patches of snow and ice and it was a winding mountain road. By the time I saw it, it was just two unrecognizable piles of twisted metal. I was surprised, considering the condition of the vehicles, that there was no evidence of fluids on the ground. It was a sobering sight, nonetheless.

A bit down the road I saw the evidence of another terrible mishap. This was a semi truck and trailer, sideways, off the edge of the road. There was no sign of life around it. It had obviously happened long ago, but was no sitting as a reminder not to take those turns too quickly.
River watching the road on US 97 South to Klamath Falls
We made it all the way to Klamath Falls where we stopped for the night. There was a horse in the field behind the motel, which River gave very little attention to.


Anonymous said…
When I was on the way to your Goldfinger class in San Ramon, there was a dump truck, a car, and emergency vehicles on one of the on/exit ramps, I pass. I had actually glanced over to see if the dump truck was going to be entering the freeway. And I saw an EMT doing CPR. :-(

Glad you made it safe.

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