Last night at the Ship Harbor Inn was very nice. 

River couldn't run on this beautiful lawn as he's still recovering from surgery.
I spent some time last night and this morning, organizing what I had brought so that I could leave some of the less crucial stuff in the car, but have access to it when I needed it.

The man who checked me in yesterday told me that at the coffee shop in the lobby they sold the “best coffee in North America”. The beans are roasted locally and served at the peak of their freshness.  Of course, I’d be a fool to pass up on the best coffee in North America, so I had some this morning. I’m a very picky coffee lover, and I will give the cup I had a nice thumbs up. But I’d have to give some serious thought to whether I thought it was the best in North America.

Today was a day of water.

We saw many bays, canals and rivers on our trip from Anacortes to the ferry terminal, and then saw some tide pools and lagoons. Finally, about a half an hour before we reached our destination (Olympia) the sky opened up and we saw a good amount of rain.

We’re dry now and taking the afternoon to rest and catch up on my emails. 


All of the above was written on Tuesday afternoon.  That night,  I had a cold dinner because I didn’t have access to a microwave. Usually, at Motel 6, you can count on there either being one in the room or one in the lobby for guests to use. The one in Tumwater seems to be an exception to rule. The guy at the front desk looked at me like I was from another planet when I asked about it. So, I ‘enjoyed’ some cold chicken thighs, sweet potatoes and egg (all previously cooked) with some added cashews and hazelnuts and a dab of unmelted butter. The only part that was kind of gross was that unmelted butter.

I went to bed early and was asleep by ten so that when I woke up at 6am the next morning, I’d be well rested.


So, the next morning, we woke up with the sun. I had a breakfast of cold quinoa, coconut milk and pecans. Then took a shower and went off to the studio to teach my class.

It was a fun class with seven people. One woman brought a bag of gold ‘bling’ for us all to wear, which was fun. The group really got into the spirit of the shimmering and the James Bond playtime. Julia Annis is the local teacher and she’s got a great, supportive group who seem willing to do anything. 

However, there was one woman who seemed to have a problem with shooting from her spearfinger. I can understand being sensitive to gun violence, but really.  This is just pretend! I don’t know what to say. Am I being insensitive? It’s not like I ever say “gun” and I”m not asking anyone to shoot children, just play with the movement of spear finger. Why would you come to a James Bond themed Nia class and then be offended by the concept of ‘shooting’? How can you have James Bond without a bit of violence?  There’s also a part in class where I pretend that we’ve been drugged, as that seems to have happened in every one of the Bond films at some point. Are people in rehab going to be offended by that? Ugh.

After class, I went out to see that I had a parking ticket. Boo. I forgot to feed the meter. So many details to look out for. Ugh. Well, the fine is just about covered by my income from the class, so at least I broke even.

River and I headed back to the room where I showered again and had a lunch of cold chicken, beets, coconut milk and pecans. I didn’t realize until I was writing it just now that I also had pecans for breakfast. Had I been more aware I would have gone for Brazil nuts. But I do love pecans.

We’re going to hang out in Olympia for a few hours because I’ve got another class this evening.
This class is in Centralia, which is about half an hour south of here. I’ll be co-teaching this class with Julia, who is taking over for the owner of the studio, Christina, while she is in the final weeks of her pregnancy. 

After class, we’ll head south again and sleep in Portland tonight.


Anonymous said…
I so enjoy your blogs. I started singing to the tune of "it never rains in California" but switched it to "it always rain in the town of Potlatch". River is such a good boy! It seems as though his surgery has healed and he's doing fine. I'd never know anything was different. Sorry you had no microwave, bummer. I like cold chicken though, so that part wouldn't have bothered me. Thanks for sharing your journey. Looking forward to more!!

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