Rates and Production Info

FYI this info sheet has five sections.
  1. Payment
  2. Dog
  3. What Material I Teach
  4. Housing
  5. What To Do Next

I have no established set of rates and I have no minimum requirement to visit and teach in your community.  Here’s how I find it works best for everyone:

I appoint a Producer in each town I plan to visit. If you are reading this, you are probably being asked to be my Producer in your town. The Producer and I decide together what materials I’ll present while I’m there and we’ll settle on a date and time.

The Producer will secure the space and promote the event to the local community. The Producer will also set the price for the event, collect fees from the students and use those fees to pay the rental in the space, if applicable. The profit after expenses is split 30% / 70% between the Producer and myself, respectively.

I am also open to other suggested ways of arranging this.

There are some cases where the best location to invite me to is a place that strictly offers a single payment for the class. In the past, we have had great success with asking the students to consider making a voluntary donation to the "JAG & River Road Trip Love Fund". In other words, when the students are paid members and would otherwise get the class for no cost, we have put out a donation bowl and have found that the students are happy to contribute what they can to supplement the standard payment from the facility for a special Nia event.

It is important to note that I do travel with my dog, River. He is always at my side. He comes into the studio with me on his leash, I set up his crate in the corner of the room and he sleeps in the crate while we do class. Afterward, I put him back on his leash to lead him out and back to my car. Over the years, I have had a number of facilities balk at allowing a dog on the premises, which I totally understand, but I've also had dozens of facilities allow River to accompany me. He is very well-behaved and has probably been in more different gyms and movement studios across the country than most people have.

visit this page to see a full description of what I've put together for 2016

Many producers have asked about helping me with housing while I am in town. And my short answer is, "Don't worry about it."

It is usually my experience that staying at the local Motel 6 offers such ease, simplicity, predictability and privacy that I actually prefer it to being housed locally.
When I have stayed in private homes, I am constantly keeping an eye on my dog rather than being able to relax and socialize. At check out time, I find the austerity of a motel room makes it much easier to keep track of my personal possessions. Rarely, have I left items behind when I’m checking out of a room because I simply leave the room completely empty (except for the towels and the remote control). But I have often left personal items behind in a home environment. As I scan the furnished room looking at each item and determining what’s mine and what stays, it’s very easy to overlook something.

I do appreciate the gesture enormously! And I do still stay at private homes and love it. But I say this so that no one feels obligated to house us.

If the community wants to step up the hospitality, the best way to help me would be to feed me. Getting decent food is my biggest challenge on the road. I would be amenable to prearranging for some students to pay their class fees with fresh, wholesome, food or homemade meals that travel well.

Another possible way to assist me is for someone to offer me the use of their kitchen for cooking up some of my own meals for stocking my travel cooler, but that requires a bit of preparation and planning. 

And it’s always nice to be taken out to a restaurant or visit a home for a meal, as long as River can join us. I make it a practice not to leave him alone in strange environments.

And again, I want to say that none of these things are requested by me. These are things that have come up on prior trips often enough to warrant my mentioning them here.

The first step is to decide on a date and time for my presentations.  I have probably already contacted you with a proposed date for your town, and I don't have a lot of wiggle room but things can be shifted around a little bit as long as it's still early in the process, and as long as we don't stray too far from the course.

Example of flier from 2015
Once we’ve secured a date and location I will enter your pertinent information into my flier template and send you a copy for distribution. You are also totally welcome to make your own promotional materials. If you need or want more info or pictures from me, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I am excited to be working with you on putting together the most epic yet of all of my road trips. Please let me know if you'd like to move forward. 


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