Chaotic Covert Creations

I have temporarily abandoned working on re-creating my version of David Merritt's awesome "Celebrate" routine. Not being a disco fan, I couldn't really take all the time it was requiring me to spend with those songs. Yeah, it's great to hear them in a class once in awhile, and they're fun to dance to, but not to hear over and over again as I'm figuring out the right moves. I had to put the project on hold for my own sanity, but I'm sure I'll be back at it.

In the meantime, Spotify was getting the wrong impression about my musical tastes. I was starting to get nothing but disco songs as suggestions, and I wanted to nip that in the bud right away, so I started listening to music just for fun!  This is something I stopped doing in the early 90's when I became a dance fitness teacher and used music as a tool in my profession. So my musical maturity was stunted in the late eighties. I'm really enjoying exploring everything I've missed in the past twenty plus years.

I've also found inspiration for working on another new project. I have lamented the retirement of my mentor, Carlos Rosas from the world of Nia. His unique shamanic ways and the style of music and movement he brought to the table are no longer to be found in modern day Nia. I had long had the desire to create a playlist that sounded like a Carlos Nia routine, but I didn't have access to the mountains of music I'd have to dig through to find songs that would fit the myriad criteria for making a great Nia song.

Now that I'm using Spotify, and have access to such a vast music library, I have begun the project. It took me a while to figure out the lay of the land, but I think I have learned how to get good, inspirational suggestions from Spotify's algorithms and I've put together several rough drafts of what I'm calling the Perfect Carlos Routine. It's very exciting.

I am playing with them in the studio and mostly free dancing and doing my highly developed style of calisthenics and a strange thing is happening; randomly, a new song starts up and my body starts moving in a way that perfectly fits. It mysteriously feels as if I had heard the song a hundred times before and know exactly what the movements are, and they feel perfect.

Fortunately, it has been a long time practice of mine to video all of my workouts, so I have a record of some of those inspired movement clicks.  So far, I'm not setting an agenda to create anything, I'm just creating from a place of passion and beginner's mind and keeping track of what develops.

I am aware of a long-running mindset that I am preparing this routine for presentation in a Nia class or even to take it on the road and present it across the USA. It runs by habit in the background of my psyche and motivates me to continue exploring and creating. But at this time, I am not planning to start up any classes or make any plans to travel, and I may not do so this year. At this point, I'm totally digging the agenda-less creative process. I'm enjoying my strong propensity to explore more athleticism and especially more FloorPlay.


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