Nia with JAG Returns to Seattle

Starting January 8, 2017, JAG will be teaching Nia classes in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Classes will be held at

Velocity Dance Center
1621 12th Ave  (between Pine and Olive)
8:45 am - 9:45 am

Classes at Velocity Dance Center cost $15 each for drop ins, or you could purchase a VIP card and get classes for only $12.

This series of classic Nia classes will include some routines from the vault, like Miracle, Yulunga, Fantasia and Moodfood as well as the latest routines like Sacred, Dragon, Deep Dive and Bring It! JAG will also be presenting his original work; old routines like Goldfinger, Orchestra, Amazing and Frankie Say Nia and routines yet to be created but sure to be lots of fun. There is an all disco routine in the works and a new routine using world and pop music inspired by the old routines of Nia co-creator Carlos Rosas.

In early 1996, there was no Nia going on in Seattle until Jason Alan Griffin (a practicing massage therapist / aerobics/step instructor / personal trainer) went to Portland and got his Nia White Belt. The training ended on a Friday, and on Saturday morning, the next day, JAG asked his aerobics class students to trust him and remove their shoes for the last half of class. This was Seattle's first taste of Nia and as JAG likes to say, "We never put our shoes back on."

In 2000, JAG left Seattle to pursue an acting and modeling career in NYC, leaving behind some his passionate Nia students. Some of them became teachers themselves and carried the Nia torch in JAG's absence.  Upon his return to Seattle in 2011, JAG was delighted to find a flourishing Nia community with several teachers, a couple of trainers and classes offered on every day in every neighborhood.

Rather than actually settling down in Seattle, at this time, JAG took to the road and spend the next five years as a vagabond Nia teacher. He created his own original routines and took them around to share with all of the USA.

And now, in 2017, JAG made the choice to stay home and to get a Nia class going in Seattle. It took a while to find the right venue, but through patience and persistence, found a great room in a great time slot.

This series of classes is scheduled for the spring semester at Velocity Dance Center. Classes begin Jan 8 and continue until June. At that time, we will assess the popularity of the class and from there we will either keep it going, add more classes or end the class.

Here are some peeks at some of the routines that JAG has taken on tour in the past.







So we hope you can join Seattle's first Nia teacher and only male Nia teacher, First Degree Black Belt, JAG, in this exciting new offering.


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