Bringing Civil Back

I'm not going to say it's the Republicans
They have some valid points
I'm not going to say it's the Democrats
Not everything they do is best
Plus, isn't it kind of uncool to broadly stroke so?

But the people who I think are the biggest and worst
instigatorpropagators of this ongoingworsening
Are the ones that think it's OK to insult the other side

Let's be adults here. We can disagree intelligently
But we won't get FUCK accomplished if we stand around
pointing fingers, refusing to listen to each other
and digging in our heels, thinking the other side is all wrong

Any immature fool can react explosively and make cruel jokes
But it takes a moment of thought and introspection to stop gainsaying
Long enough to remember that person with a different opinion
Is another human being (you, in disguise) who only wants
to protect what they feel is rightfully theirs.

I guess the point of this type of government we have
is to keep checks and balances on each other.
But it's all gone too far, to the point where it sets the stage
for the Second Civil War.

In this country we are guaranteed the freedom to practice our own religion
without fear of reprisal.  On the other side of that coin is the right to
be free from having anyone else's beliefs forced upon us.
Let's be respectful of each other, and also keep in mind that because
you believe in certain mythical, mystical, mysterious arcane beings,
doesn't mean you can use words ascribed to your god to lay down secular laws.
Not in this country. Live and let live; leave others alone.

Ours is a profane country; founded on freedom and equality.
Equal rights and opportunities. Taking those away or reducing them is
stepping over the line of US Constitutional behavior.

Speak your mind and fight for your cause, but always
Remember that when you lower yourself to the epithetical
You are showing off your jejune naivety.
Your callow green inexperienced and unworldly tactics will not fly
in a land made up of REAL, grown-up men and women.

the Second Civil War has already begun alas..
It's currently being fought with barbs and insults, hatred and vitriol.
Left to fester it will grow and escalate until we're all disintegrated
or half of us have imprisoned or murdered the other half.
I'm not joking. This is not an Alternative Fact.  This is real.


I wrote this months ago. And at first
I didn't publish it because it sounded so angry.
But then eventually I saw the irony of it
so I knew I had to publish it.

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