all looking up into the sky

1: Magical

2: Magnificent

3: Majestic

4:  Mundane

1:  Meaning?!

4: I've seen it before. Many times.

2:  Missing the point.

3: Majorly.

4: Meh

2: Madness!

5:  (running in)  Made it!  (squeezing in line)  Move over. (greeting #3) Mayor Matthews

3; Mickey, ahem.  Moon maniacs meetings are at midnight, Mondays in March.

1: Mandatory!

2: Maybe matriculate more.

4: a masters in moongazing means many more midnight meetings.

5; meanwhile, Masticate, mates! (as he unpacks a picnic meal)

1, 2, 3, 4: Mmmmmm! (rifling through picnic basket and pulling things out)

1: Mushrooms and Mozzarella!

2: Manicotti wth marinara

3: Marzipan and Marshmallows

5: Mutton, medium rare, with Mustard and Mayonnaise on Marble Rye

4: do you have beer?

1: mead

4: do you have pizza?

2: Mod

4: do you have baked potatoes?

3: mashed

4: oranges?

5: Mandarine

6: (entering) Minions! mobilize.

1: Make us, mister.

6: Mysterious murderer migrating momentarily

4: is he happy?

6; moody

2: clean shaven?

6: mustachioed

5; a severe case?

6:  mild

3; OK this M thing has gone on long enough. We've much-milked this mad theme. Moongazers must monitor the mental state of the audience members. They've paid good money and deserve more.

1: my mistake.

2: mine

5; Mayor?

3: Moongazer's meeting adjourned until morning.

4; Memo:  Meeting in the morning at the market. masquerade in your best outfits.

(as they're leaving)

1: Moccasins

2: madras shirt

3: mascara

5: manicure

6: miniskirt


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