April Fools Day Nia Dance Party

FreeDance: The Celebration of Fools
We have two different Playshops planned for April.

On Friday night, April first, we’re celebrating April Fools Day with a Nia Dance Party. A Fool is a playful and silly person. So when you’re dancing to celebrate Fools, you really can’t do anything wrong. The same is true when it comes to Free Dance.  So what a perfect opportunity to celebrate the most foolish day of the year by dancing freely!

Come and boogie a little, (or a lot!) We’ll explore more and less and big and small and fast and slow and so many different free dancing techniques that your dancing will expand exponentially.
It will be inspired by Nia music and guided (loosely) by Jason, but it will be *your* exploration and totally free and totally foolish and totally fun. No expectations; just shenanigans. 
Friday April 1, 6pm - 8pm 

Gina Gibney Studios
890 Broadway, 5th Floor (@19th St.)


or attend both Playshops in April for $50. 
with a Play-Pass.
(Spring-Load Your Knees Playshop is April 15.)

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