What is Body Tuning?

The goal of Body Tuning is to return the body to its natural state of well-being. It uses movement as a guide. When the body is moving correctly is it pain-free.  The purpose of Body Tuning is to find that easy place free of pain and restriction.
First, we use any of a wide variety of body work practices in order to feel, listen to and assess the way the joints and tendons and ligaments are moving.  How easily and how quietly it is able to move, and how close to normal range of motion it has.  A Body Tuner listens so intently that he can hear where the body is not moving freely.  In this way, the body directs the tuner to what needs to be done.
A session of Body Tuning is usually around thirty minutes of hands on manual therapy.  When you go to see doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists or surgeons, who touches you for a full half hour?  If you are complaining of an issue in your body, how can anyone expect to assess or treat the body without touching the body? Only massage therapists really do that.  But Body Tuning isn’t massage, it feels very specific and is confident in being just the right thing for your body.  It may use massage techniques, but it goes beyond into physical therapy, cranial-sacral, trigger point, deep tissue and many other modalities.
Another important aspect of Body Tuning is client education.  A Body Tuner will give a patient specific exercises that are intended to address the specific issue.  Usually one to three different exercises that are simple and meant to be done daily to give the client the ability to tune their own bodies and speed up their progress towards being pain-free and moving without restriction.
Acute injuries, chronic conditions and even the most horrific disfigurations can usually be treated with Body Tuning. The results may not be as immediate as surgery, but because of the nature of the work, co-operating with the body rather than cutting it open and forcing it into the desired shape, the results are permanent and free of negative side-effects. Read my blog post on the comparison of surgery v. body tuning here


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