Staying Healthy - the Diabetic Way

Adversity is often the spark for innovation.
For example, when I injured my shoulder in 2009, it was my struggle to regain comfort, range of motion and strength that led me to meet Shmuel Tatz and started me on a whole new path of study into Body Tuning.  

You can read some of my blog posts about my adventures with Body Tuning here:

There are many more if you want to browse through the blog. I've been studying and writing about it since September 2010. 

Another example of adversity sparking innovation is the way that that same shoulder injury was also the catalyst for my exploration into new forms of exercise and body healing.  Without that injury, I wouldn’t have been inspired to create my Energy Flow class and my Human Movement and Postural Restructuring classes. 
But, the main reason for my writing this particular blog post is another example of finding the lesson through adversity. The fact is that we can learn so much from diabetics. A diabetic is someone who has either lost or was born without the ability to produce proper amounts of insulin, which is a hormone responsible for regulating the level of sugar in our blood.  Without a very specific blood/sugar level, we can die.  
So diabetics who are concerned with being healthy and alive must make a concerted effort to regulate their blood/sugar levels through diet and other lifestyle choices.  When your life is at stake it becomes much more easy to stay motivated to watch what and when you eat.
The upside to all of this is that those of us who are NOT diabetic can also reap the rewards of keeping our blood/sugar regulated.  It turns out that following the diabetic lifestyle is a good healthy, habit.  It is one of the best diets you can follow if you want to keep healthy and keep your body at its natural weight.  It also will help stabilize and regulate your energy level so that you’ll have the most energy throughout the day.
I have been advising for years that my clients who are interested in having a normal body weight and having plenty of energy throughout the day, get a book written for diabetics and make it a priority to keep tabs on controlling their blood/sugar levels by following the diabetic lifestyle; especially the part about the diet.
I was recently alerted to a website created by one of my students.  It is designed as a resource for people living with type 2 diabetes, but I wanted to share it with you because, as I have always said, the recommendations for a healthy diabetes lifestyle is exactly like the recommendations for my JAG Healthy Lifestyle. I have looked the site over and I can say that it gets the JAG seal of approval.  This is not something I give out lightly. 
So go check out this site and absorb its message. You will be familiar with a lot of it if you have been reading my stuff.  Incorporate a few things from this site into your life and it will serve you well towards your long-term health.
Enjoy. And stay healthy.



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