Disneyland Resort: According to River

DAY ONE: Disneyland

The humans brought me to a place they called “Disneyland”  They arrived half an hour before the park opened and we all went to the Disneyland Kennels. I saw them give $20 to a nice lady whose voice sounded familiar from a video my human has watched. We all went back into a room and went in. They laid down my blanket and gave me a bowl of water and my chew toy filled with food. I thought it was going to be a pretty great day.

But then, they surprised me by stepping outside the gate and closing it, without letting me pass through. I watched them walk away as they told me they’d “Be Right Back”. I called out to them, but they didn’t seem to hear me. I tried it again. And again. They just kept walking and then soon, I couldn’t see them anymore.

Eternities passed.

And then I ate my food.

And minutes passed.  And then more eternities.

I don’t know how long it was, but I didn’t like it. I thought the chain link fence walls of my cage looked pretty flimsy so I spent some time trying to chew through them. But then that nice lady came and sat near me, so I wasn’t quite as desperate. I stopped chewing and just sat and pouted for a while.

Another eternity was just about to pass, when I smelled them! They came back! I was so excited, but sat perfectly still, watching that spot where I last saw them. And then they reappeared! And they came inside the cage with me, but I just wanted to get out and try something else! They seemed to want to stay, and to go further into the room, so I followed them, exuberantly.

There was a place to pee and to run back and forth a few times. My human ran with me, it felt so good. And then my human put his hands on my chest, which lets me know I can release my anxiety, so I let it go!  I made crazy howling sounds and snarled and pretended to bite all over his arm. OOOO It felt so good to let it all out. I did that for a few minutes and then I was relaxed. I reclined on the humans, basking in our reunion. 
They fed me.

Then, I wondered what was going on in the kennels, so I hopped off the humans and headed for the door. They responded by clipping a rope to my head and leading me back to the cage where my blanket was. We all went inside and my human removed the ropes. I was sure we were all going to walk out together this time, but again, he blocked me and shut the door with me on the wrong side! I whimpered to let him know he had made a mistake, but he didn’t understand. They left again. I called to them. nothing.

I was so alone! I tried crying, I tried calling out a few times, but nothing seemed to work. I was getting the impression I was going to be here forever. 

Forever passed. 

And then again.

The nice lady left, and another lady came and sat where she was sitting.

Another eternity passed.

And then I smelled them again! I sat up and stared at the spot that contained them and finally, THEY APPEARED! I was so happy! And yet, the scene that I described above was repeated almost exactly. I did get a treat, though. My human had found a piece of bread and brought me some of that. ooooo how I love bread! And once again, I was fed, but left alone. 

After a few more infinite spans of time went by, the scene repeated, only this time instead of going to the pee area in the back, we all went back out the front and into the bright day with all the people walking in herds, in and out of gates. Children were running, playing, screaming and crying, adults were sauntering slowly looking haggard and smelling of fried sugar.

I was so happy to see real grass and plants and real sunlight and live people and to be free to run and walk and roll in the grass. And the grass, did I mention the grass? 

We walked for a good, long while and then we were back in our new home from yesterday. My crate was there, and all of my humans’ clothes. We ate some food and when it was dark, we slept.

DAY TWO: California Adventure

In the morning we started the day with another glorious walk. We retraced our steps from yesterday, which I love to do! We even went as far as those same Disneyland Kennels, met the same lady and walked back into the same long room. This time, the energy in the room was a lot less anxious. And I felt better about it, too, since I’d been here before and it wasn’t so bad.

But then, the humans surprised me again. I was once again on the wrong side of the closing door. I watched in silence as they told me to be good and that they’d “Be Right Back”. I was flabbergasted. I just stared at them as they walked back into oblivion forever.

The day went pretty much exactly like the first day.

When the humans got home, I heard them talking about the differences between what they called California Adventure and Disneyland. It seems that Disneyland garnered the use of words like ‘nostalgic, classic, detailed, fantastic, magical, unique’ and the California Adventure, words like ‘novel, thrilling, impressive, Six Flags, entertaining’. To be honest, I don’t know what any of those words mean.

But in the discussion I overheard, as I laid in my crate, they said that the California Adventure was more impressive than they had expected, and it was extremely enjoyable, but, that the next day would be devoted to returning to the classic, Disneyland.

DAY THREE: Disneyland

The day started out exactly like the previous two days, but it was cut short. On the second visit, instead of going into the pee and run place for some more food, we did the thing where we walk back outside and see all the people in herds. It was brighter and warmer, the sun was higher in the sky, and yet we were already making our walk back to the home.

As we relaxed, I heard the humans discussing something about their new discovery, the Single-Rider line. It seems that if you don’t mind riding the ride alone, you can skip waiting 60-75 minutes and get in this ultra short line that gets you on the ride within 5-10 minutes. The Single Rider line cut out so much line-waiting time that the humans found that they had done everything they wanted in about three hours less time than usual. 

I don’t know what any of that means, I just know that I like to eat and I’m so happy when we’re all back together. I didn’t sleep much during the day when I was in the Disneyland Kennels because I had to keep watching the spot for the humans’ return. I might have dozed off a few times, but not for long at all. It feels really good to sleep now.

Sometimes the humans let me lie in the bed.


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