The Turnaround Point: Way Down South

After dropping Zeke off at Long Beach airport, River and I were off to find a farmer’s market. I checked the Internet and found a listing of San Diego area farmer’s markets that were open on a Friday.  I called ahead to inquire about dog friendliness and got the go ahead, so I drove to Fallbrook to buy some vegetables.

On the way to Fallbrook (just outside of Temecula, California) we rolled our trip odometer over the 2000 mile mark.

At Fallbrook, the produce selection was disappointing. There were only two stands devoted to actual farmers. The rest were arts and crafts. I didn’t want any mushrooms, so I was only looking at one stand. He had some great kale and Swiss chard. I got some of each. On the way back to the highway, I passed a guy selling bags of avocados for $5, so I couldn’t resist that.

My next stop was actually the southernmost point of our trip: Imperial Beach. There was a Friday farmers market there, too. Right on the beach. I picked up some broccoli and cauliflower and bought a raspberry bar for dessert. River and I stood on the promenade and shared a head of broccoli in the sunshine. 

By this time, I was pretty hungry and ready for lunch. So I drove into San Diego and checked into the room so I could make a salad with the greens, some carrots and celery I still had left over, and the tuna my cousin gave me, topped with olive oil. It was delicious.

After eating, we went for a walk and stumbled upon a great dog supply store called City Dog. I bought River a harness that fits him better, a super long 50’ leash for running in parks and beaches, and a nice collar that I can clips his registration tags to. And I got a leash that’s super fancy, made of hemp and the handle is lined with fleece.

In the evening, I had a massage client, who’s fee paid for everything I mentioned buying on today's adventures, including the cost of the motel room. And I still have enough cash left over to fill up the tank in the morning before I finally start heading back up north.


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