The Long Road to Medford

We didn’t waste any time in San Rafael this morning because it was going to be a long day of driving. We stopped to get some coffee on our way out of town.

We drove for less than an hour before I wanted to stop at a vista point in Sonoma County. I also returned a phone call and set up an appointment for later that afternoon in our destination, Medford, Oregon.

We stopped at a rest area after driving for about three hours. It was time for lunch. I had the rest of the delicious meal I had ordered for dinner the night before at a place in San Rafael called Sol Food. It was a Puerto Rican restaurant and it was yummy. It filled me up last night to the point where I still had enough left over for lunch. And it was even still yummy cold the next day.

And then we got back on good old I-5 and drove and drove and drove. I can’t describe how profound it was when, at some point, the direction on my navigation said, “In 306 miles, turn left.”  Just to know that I was going to be driving for five hours on the same road gave me such a sense of ease and simplicity. 

We stopped at another rest area for a quick pee break but basically we didn’t stop much until I needed to refill the tank.

Just under the majestic and gorgeous snow-covered Mount Shasta, we rolled over the 3000 mile mark for this trip. Shortly afterward, we stopped in a town with the lovely name, Weed, for a gas refill and to clean the bug guts off the windshield.
Thumper and Mount Shasta as seen in Weed, California

At this point, we had been driving for about five hours and I had a hard time convincing River to get back into the car.  He just wanted to walk around sniffing trees. I promised him there would be trees to sniff in Medford, so he finally got in the car. And we were off again.

We arrived in Medford at about 4:30. I called my potential client and he came right over. He directed me to a great place to eat called Marco’s Pepper Grill. I got some jambalaya and cole slaw and some bread pudding and I was in heaven as I ate it. I’ve been lucky to find such incredible food of late.

I did my laundry and paid some bills. I answered my emails and then I went to bed. Tomorrow we head up to Portland.


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