Home Sweet Home

We went to bed early last night and slept in this morning. I guess we were tired. We slept until about half an hour before checkout time, so I had to pack up the car quickly. Fortunately, I’d been doing it almost every day for a month, so I was pretty good at it by now.

I had just finished loading the car and we were coming back from our trip to the grassy area behind the motel, when the maid came out holding my glasses. I guess I had left them on the bed. 

We drove out of town and headed home. 

As I crossed over the river into Washington State, I was reminded how beautiful it is. It is such a green area. Green everywhere.

The drive wasn’t too long today; only about three hours, which is perfect.

I was surprised at how non-plussed River was at our arrival home. He simply settled into one of his favorite spots and rested.  Although, you'd think after being constant companions for about four weeks, he'd want to venture more than two feet from me after arriving home. But no, he's determined to be right under my feet as I put everything away and get cleaned up and settled in.

The whole trip ended up being just over 3600 miles. I learned a lot about how to travel; and a lot of stuff I did right this first time. The biggest lesson is in keeping those driving days shorter and allowing a lot of time to stop and see the sights. 

In five days I leave for New York. This will be a flying trip. But then, in June, we’ll hit the road again. I’m already starting to plan that trip and set things up for our tour of the Mountain Region states.


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