FloorPlay, Farm Roads and Freeways. Then Oregon

I woke up shamefully early today, after being up late last night, stimulated from an amazing day of traveling and sightseeing. On four hours of sleep, I packed up the car (no small task in the motel, since parking was far from my room) and headed to Nevada City.

From my car, I had to walk to the far end of this brick wall, enter through the ONE door and then walk halfway back through the property inside, to my room. I make about six trips, so this took a significant amount of time that I could have been sleeping.

This was a FloorPlay class and it was so much fun. At this studio they have thick padded floors. I think there's at least three inches of padding, so we could've been kneeling the whole time and we didn't even need knee pads. It was a perfect floor and the students were happy to play and eager to try new things. I gave them a good workout and explored new levels of FloorPlay, making it a whole routine. I do intersperse some dancing 'on the feet', but about as much of it as you'd see of FloorPlay in a standard routine.

After class, I tried to get a burger. I was hungry, but it was still only 10:30 am and no one seemed to be making burgers in this town or the one next to it, either. So I decided instead to just hit the road and look for something on the way.

For someone as hungry as I was, that turned out to be a bad idea. The first part of my journey today was all along farms. I could've stopped for some fruit, but I was in the mood for something a bit more substantial.

The first place I found something interesting was in Oroville, where I found a place called Righteous Burgers and order their special burger of the month, a Thai burger, with sweet and sour cabbage and a Sriracha sauce. To find out what I thought of it, you can read the full description here.

And then it was back on the farm roads until I eventually found the connection to I-5 in Red Bluff. This Interstate is a long, straight line with nothing to look at for miles. Such a change of pace from yesterday. We drove for a while and I started to get sleepy, so I pulled into a rest area for a twenty minute power nap. I let River sit on my lap while I dozed. I set my alarm for 25 minutes and then was back on the road.

But something lovely did finally loom on the horizon.

Mt Shasta appeared in front of me and over the next several minutes, I slowly overtook it and put it behind me. It was just about that time that I stopped at a rest area to give River his dinner.

I took I-5 all the way to Ashland, OR and then cut across to Klamath Falls from there. The northernmost part of California is a region in turmoil. They want to secede from California and be their own state, called Jefferson. And they also seem to be resisting a government move to preserve some of the land up there as a National Monument.

The moment I crossed the state line into Oregon, though, I felt like I was actually in a National Park. The trees, the mountains, even the slower speed limit on the highway, all made it seem so. I drove through two National Forests; the Cascade-Siskiyou and the Winema. It was winding and gorgeous and was also climbing and dropping in altitude, so it was a bit of a throwback to yesterday.

All of this changing of altitude is giving my eardrums and my sinuses a workout. I can feel the pressure on the inside of my head.

I'm just about ten miles short of hitting 16,000 on this trip, since April 30. And I'm still not even halfway done. Tonight I'm going to bed early.


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