Woodstock in Walla Walla

 I woke up in Richland and headed to Walla Walla, about an hour away.
I followed the address to an old repurposed library and upstairs they were setting up.
We opted not to use the mirrors and since it was a hot day, opened all the doors and windows. There was no A/C so we were going to sweat.
We had a full group of Niaficionados FreeDancing to Woodstock music.
There was a group of people who road-tripped up from Pendleton, OR and a woman who was brand new to Nia but had heard it would be good for her as she heals from three replaced joints.
We did an extended playlist, almost 90 minutes of dancing, and it was a blast.
One student told me that his sister was going to go to Woodstock, but she got there and couldn't find a place to park so turned around and came back home.
Fortunately there was plenty of parking in Walla Walla.
After class, my host, Sara, took me to a restaurant called Olive and bought me a delicious thin, crispy crust pizza with Adobo marinated steak, jalapeños and cilantro.

Then it was a good four hours drive to my friend Cheryl's house in Boise. We've been friends since I was in third grade; it's always nice to see her. She lets River and I stay at her house whenever we go through Boise.
She has a dog of her own, so it's a juggling act to keep the dogs separate, but worth it to see an old friend.
We ate dinner, did some laundry and chatted about life until bedtime.


Yes, I was nine years old when we first met. I was in third grade and I believe you were in fifth or sixth.

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