Side Trip from Route 66 - Las Vegas, St. George

This is a short entry because I did no sightseeing, no teaching and no Route 66-ing. I took zero pictures. Similar to the recent detours I took to Sedona and the Grand Canyon, I'm taking another little break from following Route 66 for the 4th of July weekend. Zeke flew into Las Vegas airport where I picked him up. Our plan for the weekend is to explore Bryce Canyon and Zion and the surrounding areas.

It is pretty hot today. The first real heat I've felt in a long time, which is surprising considering I've been all through the southern United States in May and June.

Las Vegas is not my scene at all. So we didn't hang out any longer than it took to drive in and out.

Speaking of In and Out, we stopped for lunch at the burger place of the same name, and it was delicious, as always.

It was two  hour drive from Kingman to Las Vegas and then another two hours from Las Vegas to St. George.

I had to do some pretty serious rearranging of the luggage in order to accommodate another passenger and  his luggage. We had been pretty well crammed into that little car as it was, but with some creative manipulating, we were able to fit everything comfortably.

River might complain that he had a little bit less room than usual, but he was quiet.

When we got to St. George and checked into the room, I was disgruntled to learn that they didn't hold a ground floor room for me. I made the reservation way back in March or April.  At least two months ago, but still they couldn't manage to accommodate my one request.

Zeke laid down for a nap while I took River out to the grass. We ran a little bit and then the sprinklers came on and that made it tons more fun, so we ran a lot more. Then I fed him.

I lost an hour today, so it feels like 4:20, but the clock says 5:20.


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