Sleeping in Seattle

Originally, the plan was to stay in Portland last night. It was after seven pm before I got out of the studio and it would have been so easy to go back to the room and chill for the night. And then, I was going to move north to Centralia, where I have a class on Friday night.

But Portland is only three hours from Seattle. And by the time I was done with class on Friday night, I could feel the pull of home calling me. I made the trek and was home by ten pm. It will be simple enough to go to Centralia for the FreeDance and Woodstock events we have planned there.

It was nice to cook my dinner in my oven and sleep on my own pillow.

I will take this opportunity to clean out the accumulated debris from the car, and give it a vacuum. I'm also going to be removing things that I had packed but haven't used in the past three months. And I made an appointment at Mini of Seattle to take a look under the hood and see if they can determine why she's been dragging at lower speeds lately. I was able to get a same day appointment.  They couldn't find the problem I was having, but they did say to expect lower performance at high altitudes. And now that I think of it, it was usually at high altitudes when I noticed the problem. But they did rotate her tires and change the engine oil and the air filter. They also found an oxygen sensor malfunctioning. They said it wouldn't create the problem I describe, but will order the part and replace it. I warned them that I only have seven days in town before I'm gone again until October, but they seemed confident they'll have the part by then.

I may also rethink my food situation. I've been carrying around a lot of empty jars, thinking that I'd be creating new fermented veggies as I went along, but I haven't been motivated to do so. And keeping them at the proper temperature is more of a hassle than I had imagined it would be. So, I will leave them behind for the second act of my excursion.

There was actually a whole lot of stuff that I never used so I'll be leaving those things here when I take off on Friday.

This is a much needed respite, regroup and recharge. River, Babe and I'll be renewed and reinvigorated for the second half. Much more to come! Stay tuned.

It's interesting and maybe coincidental that the week that I am going to be resting and recharging at home is the Week of Purification in the Mayan calendar.

On July 21/White Rhythmic Wizard, we begin the "Vayeb" which is a 5-day purification cycle that always falls at the end of the Galactic Year. Use this time however you are intuitively guided to purify your inner and outer environment in preparation for the upcoming New Year. Its a good time to meditate, to listen to your heart, attune yourself in nature, clean, let go of things, to make amends and/or bring closure, to make space for the sacred... The 5-day purification culminates on July 25th which is always The Day out of Time!


As most of you know, The Day Out Of Time is celebrated in over 90 countries to honor: * Planetary Peace through Culture * Universal Forgiveness * "Time is Art!" * Atonement * Freeing of Debts * Purification * the Art of Peace * This is a day for sacred pause and celebration before the dawning of The Galactic New Year which is always July 26th! Regardless of your responsibilities on this day, please focus on "stopping business as usual" and explore even a little break from linear time. Tune in to the telepathic field as we collectively energize the Victory of Love!  We invite you to join the festivities and celebrate a Day Out Of Time in whatever ways you feel called - whether gathering with your community or simply observing the occasion with your intention. READ MORE:


July 26th Launches us into the Galactic New Year of The Blue Spectral Storm! This day marks a powerful time of Renewal as we begin another 13-Moon Spiral around our Sun. Learn about the particular Galactic Frequencies & Potent Energies in store for us all ~ as together we are being catalyzed to embark on a whole new level of Awakening & Liberation.


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