JAG & River Hit Albuquerque

We're Rockin' the 'Burque.

On Wednesday, June 26th, River and JAG are headed to Albuquerque to teach Rockin at Studio Sway. This will be our first foray onto the famed Route 66. It is the first of a series of guest male Nia teachers for the summer of 2013 that Studio Sway is calling

"Boys of Summer: The Men of Nia Summer Series".

Join Erin Damour, Black Belt as she welcomes colleague and fellow Black Belt, Jason Alan Griffin for the first in a series of "Men of Nia" classes. This summer the "boys" are our Nia brothers!

ROCKIN is a Nia routine created by Jason Alan Griffin. It was originally inspired by Helen Terry doing a routine to the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, and by Bill Stewart setting a classic Nia routine to Rock n Roll music. JAG said, "Both of those experiences took me to places I hadn’t yet gone in my Nia practice. I came back from that weekend newly inspired and I immediately went to work on what eventually became ROCKIN.

 “We will rock out to Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and more rock favorites from the 60s and 70s in this Classic Rock Nia Routine that focuses on the Low Middle and High planes with the intention of Gettin' Down, Chillin' Out and Gettin' High."

So if you like Nia or you like to dance, and if you like to sweat to good old Rock n Roll, then you will love ROCKIN with JAG.
This isn't New Mexico.
It's in Bandon California, actually.

This will be the first place I've taught that won't allow River to come inside. But the lovely Erin Damour took the time to make a video of the space and pointed out a spot where I could put River's crate. It will be outside, right next to a glass wall that looks into the studio. So I can still see him while I'm teaching, and he me.  It'll be quarter to six in the evening in June, in New Mexico, but it is in the shade and only for an hour or so. I'll put a bowl of water in his crate, and give him a bone to occupy him.


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