Retesting Capitol Hill Bar

I’m so glad I decided to take this test again. I weighed in 0.6 pounds less than yesterday’s weigh in, so that’s an indication that I don’t have an inflammatory response to my Capitol Hill bars.  I did have a slight, phantom twinge in my back last night before going to bed and this morning when I woke up, but it wasn’t a full-blown ‘pain’ like I experienced that last time I tested these bars, and that plagues me occasionally. I’m actually going to chalk that up to a bit of hypnotic suggestion. I was so hyper-aware of feeling all of the bones and muscles in my back, that I could have created or heightened an insignificant sensation. Since the sensation only lasted for a few moments last night and again for a few moments this morning, I am going to consider it a fluke and move Capitol Hill Bars over to the friendly column.

I had always attributed the back discomfort to my tendency to push myself to my edge when I exercise. I’m relieved to learn that there isn’t a relationship between my awesome snack and my occasional twinges of pain. 

My original theory is still probably the better one: I sometimes don’t warm up sufficiently, despite knowing better, and I always pay the price for that. There are times when I’m doing extremely sophisticated movements, and I can forget to support my core and let my abdomen go relaxed, which releases the support of my spine in those movements. I can easily understand why that sort of thing would cause me pain. And then there’s simply the fact that when I get excited, and if I’m trying a new movement, or trying to beat my old record for repetitions, I can push myself beyond that point of being safe. When my body is so fatigued that I cannot properly perform in good alignment and control, I should stop. I tell my clients and my students to stop, so I should too. And when I don’t, those are the mornings that my back hurts. 

So, I owe Capitol Hill Bars an apology, and I’m going to go to the store today to buy a big supply of them for my road trip.  They’re fantastic for eating on the road.
We're almost ready to go.

And now today, I have the opportunity to test another food. This will be my last test for a while. Tomorrow is the last day I’m in town before we leave early the next day for my three week road trip. And that departure day is my birthday, so I have a feeling I’ll be celebrating my birthday with my friends tomorrow while I’m still in town.  I don’t want to be concerned with testing a new food when there’s going to be cake and ice cream.

I’ll make an entry tomorrow with the results of whatever test I ended up doing today.


Anonymous said…
Have a happy birthday and great road trip.
Be safe my friend!

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