Leaving Las Vegas and Loving Zion

It was already 105 degrees in Las Vegas at 8:00am.

I took a drive back to Yoga For the Soul to pick up my abandoned iPhone. Last night, I couldn’t upload my pictures and videos, I couldn’t make a phone call, I couldn’t check or send emails or even use the phone to call Wendy and ask if she had my phone. The Internet connection was so terrible in the room that I complained at the front desk and they refunded my $3 connection fee.

As we high-tailed it out of Las Vegas, we cut through Arizona to get to Utah. That section of Arizona was fantastic. I found myself taking way too many pictures as I couldn’t actually believe my eyes. I’ll be merciful and only post a few here.

But then, getting into Utah, the scenery got even more spectacular. The reds in the dirt contrasted with some of the green vegetation and some layers of black rock and other layers of white sandstone made for quite an artists palette of colors.

My navigation showed some parks nearby just as I was getting antsy in the car, so we pulled off the road in a town near St. George, Utah and ran around for a very brief time and then rested in the grass for a while.

We got back on the highway and then I took a detour because I wanted to check out Zion National Park. OMG, I’m glad I did. I would probably say it was the second most beautiful and amazing place I’ve ever seen. (The first being the island of Kawai’i.) Again, I probably took way too many pictures, but I’ll post a representative smattering here.

As we got closer to our days destination, Beaver, Utah, the temperature dropped to below 100. It’s a bad sign when I’m relieved to see that it’s “only 95 degrees”. But I was delighted to be able to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows. I don’t know how people can stand air conditioning. I’ve been living in it for about a week now, and I notice that it really irritates my throat and lungs. I’ll turn it off given the slightest opportunity.

The Motel 6 in Beaver Utah wasn’t showing up on my Mini Navigation. And even looking up the address and trying to enter that in manually proved futile as Mini didn’t show any record of that street even existing. Now that I’m here, I get why. It’s really nothing more than a collection of gas stations, restaurants and motels for people needing to stop as they drive I-15 north. 


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