a New iPhone in San Antonio

Last night, after class in Austin, my iPhone disappeared. This is why there were no photos or videos from Houston, Corpus Christi or Austin on my previous posts except those ones that were taken by someone else and I stole off of Facebook.

I realized it was missing when I got back to the motel room after class and searched all throughout the room and the car and finally figured I must have left it on the roof of my car when I was putting River in his harness. I remember taking it out of the studio, but that’s the last I remember seeing it. 

So first thing after walks and coffee this morning was to hit the outdoor mall in Austin, where there’s a dog friendly Apple store. I was ready to buy a gold color 5S, but they were out of them. I don’t particularly care for the pastel ones, but I did end up getting the sunshine yellow 5c. 

Transferring all (or any) of my data into my new phone took most of the morning.

River sat or lied at my feet the whole time I stood at the table working with the Apple Tech. Until someone gave him some attention; then he responded and was ready to play. He has a tendency to rev up really quickly, and likes to play rough. Most of the time, I have to eventually tell him to STOP and he does.

It was very important for me to teach him the STOP command. And fortunately today I got to see that it pays off. 

And now that I mention it, back when we were in Corpus Christi, one man at the studio had excited River and realized he over stimulated him and didn’t know how to turn him back off. So, I told the guy, “hold your hands like this and say STOP” which he did. River responded by immediately stopping the game and looking away.

After finishing at the Apple Store, we went to a restaurant that had outdoor tables and I ordered some fish tacos.

It was a short and easy trip to drive to San Antonio. I checked into the motel and am now in the process of uploading all of my new data and settings into the new device. It will be a bit of a learning curve I’m sure.


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