As of Austin We've Driven 6700 Miles So Far

Well, the storm seemed to have passed over us while we slept, because everything was cool and wet in the morning. 

I had left River’s collar and tags in the Studio X space the night before, so Manny made us breakfast and coffee, we drove to meet the owner and get that collar back. I didn’t want River being illegal for the second part of our trip.

The trip to Austin was beautiful. The weather was nice and cool. We did the whole drive in one shot, without stopping. It was almost four hours, but it seemed to go quickly. River didn’t get restless and I didn’t feel antsy, or need to stop for any reason. 

We made a beeline for the Motel 6 in Austin and I ate some food and got ready for my Nia class. This one was only finalized the day prior. We had talked about doing it for weeks, and had a date set, but then two days ago we found out that the space had been double booked, so we had to change the time of our class. I wasn’t sure it was going to come together until last night, when I got an email from my producer, Ursula Parks. 

So I headed to the studio and loaded in. I was surprised and delighted to see that about eleven people were there. We did the 90 minute version, and I tweaked the order of the songs a little bit. I may still need to take the intensity down and add a bit more low key stuff for the longer version. 

But the class went great. I had a great time and it was such a great, fun loving group to teach to. They were so advanced that they didn’t need a lot of guidance, which made my work easier. 

Today was the last of my Texas Nia gigs. I was never able to set anything up in San Antonio or Fort Stockton, but it’s just as well. It feels like a few days rest will be really nice.

Tonight, like many nights, I gave River his bone to chew on, oftentimes filled with food. He chewed on it for a bit and then left it there to go sleep. An hour or so later, I go to walk to the bathroom and step over the bone, noticing that it is covered with and surrounded by ants. The ant trail led to a small space between two sections of floor laminate.

I wiped up the ants with a towel and sprinkled the area, and my feet with some of my new essential oils that I got for their insect repellent qualities. I noticed that the ants avoided my feet once I applied the Hinoki.


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