Up Southern California

I didn’t want to leave the beach this morning, but it was time to leave L.A.

I had some friends that I was entertaining dropping in on; one in Santa Maria and one in Bakersfield. But the thought of going back to the desert after being in it for so long lost out to the feelings I have for the ocean. So, Santa Maria it is!  I headed for the highway closest to the water and drove north.

It took us through Marina Del Rey and Venice. The former is shown here in the video, and the latter is one of my favorite, quirky L.A. beach cities, and mostlyI was too busy looking at everything to get the camera out.
I stopped in between Ventura and Santa Barbara at Emma Wood state beach. We ran around for a while, then we ate lunch and then played in the water. 
As we played, I heard from my friend in Santa Maria that we couldn’t use her condo for the night after all. So I decided it would be worth taking the long haul all the way up to Monterey, which is where we were going to be the next night, so that we could enjoy a two night stay up there.

We stopped briefly just past Santa Barbara for a pee break in the Los Padres National Forest.

We pulled into the Motel 6 in Monterey just after sunset. Luckily, they had some vacancies so we could stop driving and settle in. Tomorrow is a non-driving day, YAY!

The mileage on this trip is just below 9000 now, at 8926. I wasn't sure if this was going to happen, but now it looks pretty likely that we'll go over 10,000 on this one trip. 

No What?
In Oxnard, CA


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