Oregon To California

It was sunny when we woke up in Coos Bay. We took a walk after coffee and a shower and hit the road. It was still sunny when we stopped at one of my favorite little towns, Bandon, OR. River likes to pose next to the public art.


totem pole
a whale

Last time we were here, we walked out on the pier. But this time, I noticed a sign saying no dogs allowed on the pier. I don't know if I missed the sign before, or if it's a new law, but we didn't get to go out on it this time.

We made another stop in Gold Beach. I wanted to give an Oregon ex-convict a chance to fill up my gas tank before I crossed the state line, and I've enjoyed stopping at Gold Beach before. It offers some fun beach access.

In this video, the wind noise is pretty awful, so you can't tell what I'm saying. I'm telling him not to eat the pussy willows, and he doesn't. Then I'm asking him to show me his belly, which he does. And finally, I ask him to speak. I phrase it, "when you're ready... speak." And he gave me a 'huff' so I accepted that and praised him for it.

We also stopped a little further down the highway at Pistol River State Park. Where we had to run a pretty long way, but finally made it to the water.

After crossing over into California, the highway was swallowed up by giant Redwood trees, and it was awesome. We passed a place in Klamath CA called The Trees of Mystery. That is, we tried to pass, but my car wouldn't let me. Babe had to turn around and get a picture with her namesake.
Babe, River, Babe and Paul.
We stopped and exercised for a while at the Del Norte North Redwoods State Park.

We ended today's drive at a familiar Motel 6 in Arcata.


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