Texas Part 7 - San Antonio

Short driving day and not too early of a start, I was up at six to be out of the room by 7:30.

I took I-35 from the Motel 6 in San Marcos to The Synergy Studio in San Antonio. It's in a shopping center called The Pearl. We got there in plenty of time to take a long walk and shoot a picture in front of the studio.
Adelle Brewer was my host. She and Joanie Brooks have a great group of experienced Nia students that are so fun and easy to teach to. I had a great time sharing my Woodstock Experience routine. This is the first time I have taught the routine on this trip. SInce the focus was on FreeDance, and I knew I had the routine in my body, I decided not to review my music before class, but to go in cold and let the spirit of Woodstock move me. 
It was so charged with energy.  It makes such a difference, teaching to group that has very little resistance to anything. It allows me to explore so much more than when I'm teaching to groups that I have to hand-hold through the experience. So today, I was coming up with movements on the fly. I really felt like Nia was moving through me. It was delightful. 

After class, Adelle wanted me to have some authentic Mexican food since I was in San Antonio. She took me and another student to Carmelitas on Broadway. I got three soft tacos, each with different kinds of meat, and they were all delicious. She was right. The food tasted very authentic and freshly made.

After lunch, River and I were going to find the River Walk, but on the way, we saw a giant park that no one was using. The grass seemed to go on forever and was littered with trees that grew in funny sideways formations. Some sort of balls of fluff accumulated in the branches of the trees. (I kept listening very carefully for the faint singing of Whos, )

We ran for a bit and lounged a lot. I sat on one of the sideways trees and meditated. It was so nice. 

We took the farm roads home instead of the highway, but I didn't see anything too spectacular. 
I did laundry, and did some homework. I made myself a cheese and avocado sandwich for dinner and had a very relaxing evening.


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