My Motel 6 Experiences

This is a subjective accounting of my experiences with staying at Motel 6 almost exclusively for just over five months straight. In my mind there is a quintessential Motel 6 experience. It's all about ease, simplicity and convenience.

It goes like this:

The sign is clearly visible from the highway and it's easy to find the property entrance.
There are a couple of parking spaces near the office reserved for people checking in.
There is someone at the desk who is friendly and helps me check in quickly.
The rate I'm charged is the same as the one in my reservation confirmation email.
I am given a ground floor room as I requested on my reservation.
The door to my room is within a few steps of a parking space.
The facility includes a functional ice machine, a microwave (either in the lobby or in the room), and a coin operated laundry facility for guests.
The windows in the room open to allow fresh air, but have screens to keep bugs out.

That's pretty much it.
I don't ask a lot. I know I'm opting for a no-frills accommodation. And I know for the price, Motel 6 is usually the best thing going.

But I find that some locations don't even live up to these basic necessities. So I'm keeping a log here of how each property lives up to what I consider "The Motel 6 Promise."

My intention is to have a reference here that will help me avoid returning to places that don't fit the bill.

Properties are listed alphabetically by state first, then by city within each state. 
If there are multiple locations in the same city, then, by street name.


Attalla - NE 5th St.

Used to be a Relax Inn. Remodeled and new paint job. Free wi-fi, and my room has a microwave and refrigerator, but there are also both in the lobby. Easy to find and easy parking access. Plenty of grass around. I was in the room at the end of the building, so I got a window that opens and has a screen. The screen has a big hole in it, though, and it is right on the highway, so it's not perfect.
Bessemer - Shilo Dr. 

The area is scary, not because of violence or crime but it's a modern ghost town. So much grass growing through parking lots, and vacant shopping centers. The motel itself seems fine, especially considering the neighborhood. There is a microwave in the lobby. The windows don't open.
I was able to get parking by the door by asking for it. They gave me an 'accessible' room.

The residents of the motel are not unruly, but just loud. Screaming black dolphin type. And when I took River for his walk, I was surprised at how many people were standing outside their room, looking over the walkway railing down to the parking lot.

In the morning, I suppose when they took a shower in the unit above mine, there was a little waterfall dripping from the light fixture in my shower stall. 

A bit of an issue getting to it from the highway. I was misled by the navigation taking me to the wrong driveway, and then I took the next driveway, which then turned out to be an abandoned lot and then, actually turned out to be a school. A guy gave me guidance telling me to turn at the closed down bank, up the hill, over the pothole, to the motel driveway. 


Flagstaff - Butler Ave.

This property is about a block from another Motel 6 (Lucky Lane) where I've stayed several times before. I prefer this Butler location. When I checked in, since I was staying three nights, they asked me if I needed maid service. I said I didn't know so she said just to call and let them know each morning if I want it or not. Lots of parking near room doors. Ice, microwave and laundry near office. Bathtub in room with water pressure painfully strong. When it's hot out, there are biting ants in the grass, but it rained and the temperature dropped and the ants disappeared.
This location loves to have signs everywhere. One at the front desk explaining how this is a no-frills motel so not to expect a hair dryer, etc. In the room, a long explanatory sign regarding how the fan is always on. 
Flagstaff - Woodland Commons

Good parking, no microwave. Laundry in vending room with ice machine. Room smelled so strongly of bleach, I had to let the room air out with the door open for an hour before I could move our stuff in. Windows don't open. 
Holbrook - Navajo Blvd.

This city is off the AT&T grid. They do offer free wi-fi here, but at night it was really sluggish. It flowed much more freely in the morning. Good parking, fridge and microwave in every room. Stall type shower. No grass, only rocks and dirt for River, but there's a cute "pet area" landscaped desert style. 

No food options in this tiny 5000-resident town in the middle of the desert. 
There is a guest laundry, and in the lobby there are computer work stations. I don't know if you pay for that, or if the signal is stronger than what you get for free in the room. There are also barbecue grills by the pool and rusty statues of dinosaurs. 
Kingman - Andy Devine Rd.

The office staff was being trained as I checked in. A couple of crack heads waved at me as I drove from the office to my room, and right as I took the above picture, a man approached me and got in my face asking what I was taking a picture of. That's his wife in the shot, but I told him I was taking a picture of the motel, and he left me alone. The property still has the blue carpet. No laundry. Bathtub in room. Good grassy area out front. Parking in front of door. Rate was exactly what my reservation email said. 

Marana - Ina Rd.

Cheap rates. Prison style corridors. Ice machine is by the pool. The door to the side entrances don't require a card key. Location hard to access from freeway, as you have to drive through the parking lot of fast food places to get to the motel. 
Check out is at noon.


Arcata - Valley W. Blvd
Laundry and microwave, ice and vending machines are in the annex to the office. There are lots of grassy areas for the dog. The only small complaint is that the curb in front of the rooms is painted red, so the only parking is across the driveway. Not a huge problem, especially since I can park in the red zone to load in and out. There have been times when I've gone out and come back and found that there was no parking in the section in front of my room, so I had to park elsewhere.  But, as I said, it wasn't a problem because I could load in from the red zone. 
Auburn - Auburn Ravine Dr.

What I like about this property: The staff were friendly and check in was easy. Free Wi-Fi that actually works well, microwave and refrigerator in the room. Windows open and there are screens! Laundry and vendng (sic) near the front desk and carts available for rolling stacks of luggage from the room to the car.

What I don't like about it: Interior corridors and terrible parking nowhere near the room doors. The room door requires a lot of force to push it open against the pneumatic device pushing it shut against you as you try to walk in. If you have things in your arms (which you almost always do when going in and out of a motel room) it will crowd you and knock you around as it tries to shut on you. The parking lot seems like a garbage dump. On my walk with River we couldn't find any grass or nice area, we came across a discarded mattress, two abandoned vehicles and a shopping cart from the grocery store across the street. I ended up feeding him on the asphalt parking lot and on a patch of rocky dirt. The vending machine area is only soda pop. The clerk said "We're three rooms short of getting a vending machine." Which seems weird because it seems like I've seen vending machines at smaller properties. 

Barstow - Yucca Ave.
Checkout is at noon. The clerk gave me a lower rate than was on my reservation because it was the walk-in rate. I got the ADA room, big bathroom with tub. Ice and vending near the lobby.  Lots of grass for River. The ice machine was out of ice at midnight and the clerk told me to wait an hour for it to recharge. And the vending machine stole $1.60 when I tried to buy some M&Ms. 


Carlsbad - Raintree Dr

Large perimeter good for nature walks with River. Grassy, with hills, trails, bushes and lots of trees.
Big place with lots of good parking right by the doors, but some rooms face away from the parking lot. Ask for parking in front of room.
Microwave and laundry in vending area.
Fun, funky landscaping.   River saw a rabbit.
Gardena - Crenshaw Blvd.

I've stayed here several times. Micro and fridge in each room. Free Wi-Fi. Ice and vending. Not the best area, but it's the closest location to Santa Monica. Clerk is curt but not unfriendly; efficient. In the past, I'd always gotten stuck in a second floor room. This time I arrived right at 3pm and I got the ADA room. Bathtub. Newly remodeled. 
Mammoth Lakes - Main St.

Tiny little sign on the road. I almost missed it.
Property surrounded by trees and all the trash cans are bear proof. There's vending, ice, microwave and laundry near the office. Parking is easy, but lots of rooms face into the pool area or toward the end of another row of rooms, like a T. It's one of the more expensive rooms, but it's in a resort type town. Clerk was friendly and helpful with information about the town. I checked in after 6pm and after I was in the room for a while, housekeeping came by to ask if I needed a change of towels. It seemed like he was just getting to the rooms.

Needles - J St. 

Good signage and good parking situation. No laundry. Microwave and fridge in my room. Stale air and unclean air conditioning vents. Had to crack the door so I wouldn't sweat, but there were a lot of biting bugs. All the parking spaces are diagonal. 
Santa Rosa - Cleveland Ave.
On the plus side, there's a microwave in the lobby, as well as one functioning ice machine out of the two near the vending machines in an outdoor alcove near the office. Parking in front of the rooms is possible and there is plenty of dog running area. Also, it's right next door to Brody's Burgers. Excellent food with a drive-thru. 
On the down side, there is no guest laundry facility at this property.
When I checked in, the androgenous desk clerk tried to give me a second floor room, but I balked. Ze then gave me a ground floor room with a single bed, next to a couple that had loud sex all night. Toward the end of the day, people gathered to chat on the lawn outside my door. At one point someone left a bouquet of flowers outside my door.


Grand Junction - Horizon Dr.

I think I got a handicapped accessible room. The strange thing about it was a huge door that shut the bathroom off completely. When it was open, it was up against the foot of the bed, so I kept it closed. I got in late and still got a good parking spot room. The ice machine worked and they had a laundry. I don't think the windows opened. No microwave.

Thornton - W 83rd St.

I saw the sign from miles away. Check in was friendly but slow; I think she was new. Another guy helped me when I had to change rooms, and he was super quick.  I checked in right at 3pm and when I got to my room it smelled strongly of bleach. And the fan in the bathroom didn't work, nor did the A/C fan. The maintenance guy gave me a portable fan that I used to blow the bad air out. On a positive note, the window DID open, all the way! And it had a screen. Had that not been the case, I'd have gone back for my third room.
The first room faced the pool, as a lot of rooms do on this property. And I wanted one I could park close to. They got me pretty close.
Laundry but no microwave.



Destin - Harbor Blvd.

A prime location in a busy place. I walked to several cool restaurants, and brought River. There was a microwave, laundry and working ice machine. I think the windows did open, although I didn't try them. I saw a latch. 
Not much grass for River. One small patch so dead and covered with dry, white poop. So he went in the bushes. Getting parking near the door wasn't hard, but there are a lot facing in toward the pool. 
$100 for one night! A Tuesday, no less! 
Gainesville - SW 40th St.

Easy to find, pleasant check in, parking in front of room is easy, but I checked in late and had to park in the center of the lot because all the ones by the building were full. But I got a space near the front door in the morning.
Laundry, ice and vending. Microwave in the lobby. Bathtub in the room.
Deserted motel property across the street, full of frogs. 

Pompano Beach - NW 31st Ave

Easy to find. Easy to check in. Got good parking. HUGE lawn for running with River.

In the mid-afternoon, they lock a gate in the parking lot so that I had to drive all the way around the property to get from the driveway to my room. If the gate were open, it would be right as I drove in. 
In the lobby there is a couple of ice machines and a microwave, and there's laundry on site, too.
The air conditioner in my room sounds like an idling Mack truck. 

Venice - US 41 ByPass

First of all, the address doesn't exist. There's a little problem with not being able to enter a non-existant address into my navigation. I called the office and they knew about the problem but couldn't offer anything besides giving me an intersection. It made no sense to me until after I found the place. But maybe the place next door has an address they can give people who need to find it. 
Anyway, the staff is very friendly, there is a functioning ice machine, microwave and laundry near the office. Lots of rooms face the pool, so parking near the car is scarse. 
There was a lizard in the room.  The water pressure in the shower dies down to a trickle on occasion. River got bitten by fire ants in the grass on the property, but there's a public park nearby with a cool fountain.
Guys were having a party at midnight outside their room, two doors down from mine. I had to tell them to be quiet. 


Norcross - Oakbrook Pwky

The office was very discrete. The property was easy enough to find but the office wasn't the first thing you come to as you enter. It was around the corner and not very well signed. No free Wi-fi. Plenty of good grass and accessible parking. Washer and dryer are $2 each. But new machines were being installed as I was checking out, so I don't know if the rates will go up. Ice machine worked but had problems with hot water in the room. Took forever to show up and would cut out mid-shower. 

Tucker - Lawrenceville Hwy

The sign is easy to see, but depending on which direction you're coming from, finding the entrace could be tricky. Winding driveway down to the property next to a fairly big dog lawn. In the vestibule near the office, there's laundry, ice, microwave and vending.
The staff is friendly, but they like to use leaf blowers. 
There is no table nor chair in my room so I had to eat with my plate in my lap, sitting on the edge of the bed. At the desk, they told me it was due to fire restrictions. 
Similar to Alabama, the residents here think nothing of having very loud, early morning conversations near my front door. When I first checked in there was a gaggle of Mexicans cooking chicken in a bibachi in front of the room next to mine.  Once I checked in, they moved the fiesta to across the parking lot. 
Georgia charges a $5 fee on top of what Motel 6 quoted. I had to go to my car to get more cash.


Boise - Airport Way
Prison style, but the doors don't latch so are easy to work with. The corridors are mercifully short and full of ice and vending machines. (one was out of order). Got exact rate shown on my confirmation email. Guest laundry and windows that open (with screens). Remodeled style, but weak water pressure and no temperature control in the sink. So many dogs! Big lawn in back.

Chubbock - W Burnside Ave

A classic property. Outdoor corridors. Vending and ice near the office. Windows open and have screens. Good parking situation. Microwave in my room.
Coeur d'Alene - Appleway Rd.

Great sign, easy to find. Super friendly check-in. Vending, ice, microwave and laundry near office. Good parking. Remodeled rooms. Shower stall. A/C wall unit. Windows sealed shut.
Twin Falls - Blue Lakes Blvd N

Big sign, easy to find. Friendly check-in. My key didn't get activated the first time, and when I went back, I had to go to the back of the line again. Remodeled rooms. Laundry, ice and vending.  Wi-fi keeps knocking me offline. Got parking in front of room. Grass strip on perimeter. Shower stall. Central A/C system. 


Aurora - N Farnsworth Ave.

Three floors, but I was able to get parking a few doors down from my room. 
Very standard set up. easy check in, easy to find, good signage, lots of parking. My rate was a little bit higher than what it said on my reservation confirmation letter.  Ice and Vending in separate room, away from the office. I didn't see, nor look for, laundry facilities.
The vending machine didn't release my PopTarts, and when I told the front desk clerk, without hesitating, she issued me a refund of my $1.60. Lot's of semis in the huge parking lot. Also lots of mosquitos. They issue a parking pass and they will tow anyone not registered. Even guests, need to register. They're free before 11pm and afterward incur a fee of an extra $6 to register as an overnight guest.
There was a huge domestic scuffle right outside my door. I almost called the cops, but then it settled down. My room has a bathtub. 


Evansville - Highway 41 N

Before 3pm, I showed up looking for a reservation and was asked to come back in ten minutes, but once I came back at the proper time, check in was friendly. I did laundry ($1.50/$1.50) and I have a microwave and refrigerator in the room. Windows don't open and air conditioner can't be lowered. Its HIGH, or OFF, that's it. The floors were still wet from housekeeping when we got in and I was swatting at the several flies, which made River nervous. No free wi-fi. Ice and vending are available. Easy to find from the highway and lots of grass for River. (even thought the sign says to keep pets off the grass, I ignore it). And plenty of good parking.

Indianapolis - N Shadeland Ave.

Check in was efficient, even curt and robotic. She gave me the wi-fi code without my asking for it. And on her copy of my receipt, she stamped something very blurry and light and impossible to read, and then she scribbled four huge, wild cursive X's as she droned "signature, initial, signature, today's date". Even if I intended to read that 'contract' before, know that she'd doodled all over it, there was no way I could. But by this time, another customer had arrived and was standing very uncomfortably close to me. He was an older guy and seemed demented or high. So I just signed and initialed what I guessed was probably a pet policy or maybe a smoking policy, parking, guest policy, etc. 
She mentioned that she gave me a ground floor room because I have a pet.
The room is the carpeted kind, with the 90's bedspreads and fat TVs.  The parking situation isn't terrible, but I got a door facing the stairs, not right next to the car. The walk is only a few car lengths, though. Not bad. 
Off of the lobby, there's laundry and a microwave.
In the morning, the desk called to see if I wanted housekeeping service, and I said yes, but that I was leaving at 11. Shortly after 10, housekeeping knocked on the door, so I sent them away and didn't take service that day.
There was a cockroach crawling on the wall while I watched TV.
On the second night of my stay, someone was playing incredibly loud music from their car in the parking lot. I called the desk to ask if the security guard could check it out and she told me there wasn't one on duty but that she, herself would check it out.  The music stopped about ten minutes later, and then, five minutes after that, started up again.

Jeffersonville - Hospitality Way

According to reviews on Google, this place was the grossest, dirtiest, filthiest and moldiest Motel 6 of them all. And I had a reservation to stay two nights there, so I was very nervous. Fortunately, days before my stay, the location mysterious was reported as closed with no explanation. 



Cedar Rapids - Southgate Court SW

No microwave, no laundry. Ice and vending near lobby. Plenty of parking spaces near doors. Wi-fi is strong enough to stream youtube all night. I encountered two crickets and about four flies in the room. Outside, lots of off leash dogs and poop left on the grass. 

 The second building was roped off due to an incident a few months earlier, when a guy came to the front desk, bleeding from a stab wound and claimed someone had set his mattress on fire. No one was hurt (except the stabbed man).


Slidell - Taos Rd.

A bit of a challenge to get to from the highway. But it seems to be more the fault of the layout of the city. Lots of the rooms face in toward the pool, so parking near the door is scarce. I asked and got one. There is a laundry and I don't know if there was a microwave. I was going to call to find out, but the phone in my room didn't work.
The room cost less than it said on my confirmation. 
The windows don't open. 


Edgewood - Edgewood Dr.

The woman checking me in was a spitting image of Cathy Bates. She told River to bite her husband and he barked furiously at him. That made her smile. This property is obviously a different motel bought by Motel 6. And the remodel is midstream. The property is dilapidated. The door has to be slammed. There is a Mexican restaurant and a pizza place on the same hill, with the same street address.
My room had a microwave and refrigerator. I didn't notice laundry or ice machine in the vending area.


Kalamazoo - Vanrick Rd.

Great big sign I saw from miles away. Friendly and efficient check in. The office and lobby is a little bit more special than the typical Motel 6. Laundry and vending are next to the office. My room is huge! The wi-fi is free but terrible. Bathtub in my room. Windows don't open.


Roseville - Cleveland Ave N

Despite a very noisy and uncomfortable stay at this location a year ago, I gave the benefit of the doubt and another chance to an otherwise attractive location. It was a loud, riotous evening a year ago, and I figured 'anyplace can have an off night'. It has outdoor corridors (the only 6 in the city that does) with a decent parking situation. Laundry was expensive at $2 each for wash and dry, but at least they worked and were secured with a room key. Ice but no microwave. Lots of grass accessible but technically on neighboring properties. Besides the staff, I was the only non-black person I saw. 
I stayed two nights this time. Again, it was noisy, but nothing unfriendly. Just noisy. People yelling conversations from twenty yards away across the parking lot, between floors or down the corridors. Even people having a conversation right next to each other are using voice volumes far above and beyond what is necessary for seven in the morning unless they were both hard of hearing. I could hear them from inside my room. I could also hear the staff helping another guest in the adjoining handicap accessible room. 
There were kids playing in the parking lot like it was a playground and running around in the halls, while... I think their mom smoked pot in her car? Not sure why she was sitting there for so long and where that smell was coming from. But it was a scene on a Sunday afternoon.

St. Paul - Old Hudson Rd.

Sheesh, this was a mistake. Old, out of date decor, the chair in my room is falling apart as I sit and write this. The free wi-fi is a rip off. It connected for about an hour and then just shut off. Ridiculous indoor corridor situation where I had to walk all the way to the end of the first floor corridor, past the out of order elevator, and climb the stairs and walk halfway back the corridor on the sec-ond floor. It doesn't seem like a lot, but with River and all our bags, it's cumbersome and annoying.
There is a microwave in a room near the lobby and I saw the ice machine but didn't see a laundry.No screens on the windows.I had specified ground floor and/or near the exit on the reservation I made two months earlier, but they didn't honor either of those requests.



Ocean Springs - Bienville Rd.

This is a Studio 6 so it had a kitchenette. I couldn't get the stove on past medium heat, but the microwave and refrigerator both worked fine. The property was easy to find and had plenty of grass for River. Ice machine worked. Wi-fi was free. I didn't look for or see a laundry facility. 



Hazelwood - Campus Ct.

Mini Nav didn't recognize Campus Ct. so I navigated to Campus Pkwy based on a Google search, but it does indeed seem to be on Campus Ct. It's situated in a mall or business park or something. There was a huge construction project going on when I got there and driving was blocked by yellow tape around the back of the property. 
This place is an old La Quinta and has the indoor corridor horror that I hate so much. I guess I thought it would be worth it because they have a guest laundry, microwave and fridge in the rooms and good free wi-fi. But I really detest the hallways. For regular people it's probably not that bad to walk from the car to the room. But I sort of life halfway in both, and make lots of trips back and forth. It's sometimes a juggling act with the dog, the awkward luggage and all the doors and stairs. 
The staff when I checked in was helpful when I asked for a ground floor and they had given me 311. 
I asked for 120 because it had easy access to the one good parking spot in the whole property. They were able to get me as close as 124, so I was very happy.
Then I guess at some point in the night without warning, they automatically deactivate the doors so when I take the long walk out to get something from the car, I find that I'm locked out and have to walk all the way around to the front and ring the buzzer so the clerk can let me in. It all contributes to why I call this a "prison style" accommodation. The energy here is dismal.
The lush grassy areas are full of hills and fast food litter and abandoned dog poop. 

Kansas City - Prairie View Dr.

Great big sign, easy to find. Friendly check in. Lots of grass surrounding the property. All of the non-smoking rooms are facing in toward the pool. Microwave vending and ice near the lobby. Laundry on site. Some kids were doing calisthenics in the grassy area across the street. 
Strange, big concrete area in center of property that almost feels as if it's hollow when it's walked on. Free wi-fi that actually works. Window opens; but no screen. Air conditioner has a nice, mellow 'energy saving' setting so I can keep cool and not be blasted by freon. 


Springfield - N Glenstone Ave

Great sign directions from the highway. Easy parking, friendly staff good with River, laundry, vending and ice all working and 24 hours accessible. I didn't see a microwave. 
Inside the room, the TV is mounted on the wall so I can use the entire desk surface!! 
St. Louis - Woodson Rd.

This place had zero signage. And even as I pulled up to the property it was all dark. I wouldn't have thought it was even open, but I saw someone inside. 
The office is in a separate building from the rooms, in an A-frame style. Black windows cover the front and there is absolutely no signage save the big Motel 6 obelisk.
When I got there, a man was embroiled with someone on the phone, upset that the front desk woman couldn't access his reservation. He ended up asking if the owner was a 'dot head' and found out that was indeed the case. He made no effort to hide his dislike for the culture and their tendencies.
This place is very poorly maintained. Inside the room wasn't as bad as the grounds. It's old fashioned inside with bulky furniture, carpeting and thick drapes and bedspreads.
There is a bathtub in my room, but no ice bucket.
The clerk at the desk was very friendly. The lobby, though, was dark at night as if they were closed.
On the wall were signs saying "London" "New York" "Bangkok" "Paris" but there were no clocks. 

There is a vending machine and ice machines in the lobby, but I'm not sure if they are 24 hour accessible because I did see that there's a nighttime service window for after hours business, with the ice and vending on the closed off side.
I stayed for two nights and through the first night and up until after sunset on the first day, the door worked fine. Then the door wouldn't latch shut anymore. And the deadbolt wouldn't work either. The door was held shut by the chain. If the wind picked up it would have blown it open. I put my ice chest in front of it just in case.
Everyone was super friendly. Even the lady sweeping the parking lot stopped and wished me a good morning. 


Billings - Midland Ave.
view from the convention center
There are two Motel 6s on Midland. The other one is just across the street, which I'm sure offers no end of confusion. In the past, I've been at both and I much prefer the one I'm in now. It has outdoor corridors, most importantly. It also has a laundry facility. Ice and vending near the office. A vacant convention center parking lot next door offers plenty of running and exploring for River. The wi-fi signal is strong.
Inside, the rooms are the old style, with blue carpet and multi-colored bed spreads and a fat old TV set. No bath tub and the windows are sealed shut. My room was obviously a smoking room at one time, and it stinks so bad in there that my clothes absorbed a nasty, old cigarette smell just from sitting inside the room for a day. 
I've already mentioned the weird confusion with the two Motel 6s, but the staff here is all very friendly.
Butte - N. Wyoming St. 
Great sign trail from highway. Uptown, old downtown area. Quiet. Even on foot, there is only one entrance and exit on the property. Through this driveway. It is an exterior hallway style. Free Wi-fi. Laundry, vending and ice. 
I took River for a walk around the block, which was a giant hill and gave a great view of the old red brick buildings downtown and several oil drillers. 

Helena - N Oregon St.

Hard to find. Dog lawn in the back with a big prolific pear tree. Parking lot in front serves all the rooms on one side of the property, so not easy to get parking right in front of room.  Ice, vending and laundry near office. Staff is super friendly. 
Blue rooms, shower stalls, A/C wall unit, sealed windows.  Montana recently went 100% non-smoking in rooms, but some smell lingers, and it seems some people didn't get the memo, as I could smell smoke coming through the walls at night. 
Kalispell - US Hwy 93 S

Easy to find on the street, but my navigation was confused and was going to have me take a superfluous round-about route. The check in was friendly but extremely slow. There was a line of two people (more than I've ever seen waiting) and before I was helped, two more people came and got in line behind me. I had an uncomfortable discussion about dogs and eye contact with an uninformed man.
Laundry, vending, microwave and ice near the office. Lots of good parking and good grass surrounding the property.
The rooms are the old "blue" kind and River would not relax; he just kept smelling the carpet (an indication that they were filthy). When I first opened the door, I smelled a terrible smell like ant spray that lingered on my clothes after just being in the room about an hour. 


Omaha - S. 84th St.

Interior Corridors. I stayed in room 122 which is right between the lobby and the ice machine. It wasn't quiet. The windows didn't open and the smell of bleach was sickening at first. No free Wi-fi. Microwave in lobby. Ice machine worked. Lots of grass all around and a Denny's next door whose garbage dumpster literally smelled like shit; I checked my shoes whenever we walked by.

Omaha - J St.

A dump. Not clean. Unkempt. Microwave and laundry in lobby. Staff was friendly, but oddly never seem to be at the desk. They hang out in a back room and only come out after you ring the bell a couple of times. Interior corridors. Big grassy area. I stayed for two days and despite the fact that I told a clerk that there was a smoke alarm chirping somewhere in the hallway, it continued to chirp the whole two days I was there. The first day, when housekeeping cleaned my room, they took my dirty towels and didn't replace them. They left me with only only body towel, and one hand towel for the entire second day.
The most frustrating thing, and the real reason I'll never come back here, is the free wi-fi. I had a heck of a time connecting. I could see that I was getting five bars, but my computer would not connect. Sometimes I would get a pop up welcome window and if I clicked "Accept" then I would get online. But inevitably, I'd be bumped off at some point and could not make that pop up welcome window show up again. Nothing I did could get me access to the Internet. And the stupid clerks suddenly forgot how to speak English when I asked about it. There are other Motel 6s in Omaha. Try those. Or stay in Lincoln. 


Las Vegas - Tropicana Ave

Near the Airport. Huge sign on Tropicana. Near 'the Strip'. Excellent parking, ice machines, laundry (washer says $1.75 but requires 8 quarters). 



Nashua - Spit Brook Rd

Property on a hill. Not so easy to find and access from the highway, even if you know where it is. The sign is small and hidden, and the location is unusually close to the highway exit. For whatever reason, even though it would make perfect sense to turn right off the highway and then go immediately into the driveway, my navigation had me turn left, go under the highway overpass, make a U turn and come back past the original exit to the driveway. 
There is a laundry room on the third floor above the office. Ice, vending and microwave oven near the lobby. Big grassy dog areas. Check out isn't until noon.  No swimming pool. Wi-fi is slow but manageable. 
The first morning I was hear, I was questioned by police because someone went over the third floor balcony the night before and was in the hospital, in bad enough condition that they couldn't say what had happened. I didn't hear anything, which I told to the officer. 


Albuquerque - San Mateo Blvd NE

When paying with cash, I have to pay a $50 security deposit which is returned at check-out.  The building is yellow. No grass on the property but is right next to a public park that seems to be frequented by homeless people. Microwave in lobby and guest laundry on site, too.   Tub in my room. Free wi-fi, but on the slow side.  I had to use my hotspot to do big uploads.

This picture was taken from the park next door.

Albuquerque - University Blvd. NE

Laundry machines only take credit cards and the reader malfunctioned for the dryer, so I had to take my wet clothes to a local laundromat. Free Wi-fi. Microwave and fridge in my unit. Tub in the shower. Not much grass around. Parking is kind of a clusterfuck.
Farmington - Bloomfield Blvd

Standard set up, good parking. Older "blue" style rooms with shower stalls and while some rooms have sealed shut windows, others can open and have screens. A/C is the central type.
Pay for wi-fi.
There is a guest laundry, but of the two washers, one smelled very strongly of mildew to the point that I wouldn't use it if it were the only one. But the other one didn't smell so I used it ($2). The dryers had a sign on them saying they were out of order, but when I asked the receptionist about it, she called the manager who told her to tell me that the guy had just been by to fix them and the upper dryer should be working fine.  It wasn't. After a full 45 minute cycle on high ($2) about a third of my clothes were still damp and I had to hang them in my room to finish drying.
I had a microwave and refrigerator in my room. At one point the microwave made a popping sound as I started it and I smelled the distinctive aroma of burning electricity.
The toilet in my room ran loudly for a few seconds every few minutes.
Water filter machine is a block away; a fun walk for River and I. There is also plenty of grass on the property.
The staff are all very friendly and efficient. 
Santa Fe - 3007 Cerillos Rd. 

There are three Motel 6s on Cerillos Rd so fortunately, when I arrived and they couldn't give me a room with a microwave, I was able to quickly call another location and get an appropriate room.  Friendly check in; Dolores has been with Motel 6 for 30 years. Easy to find except for the multiple locations on one street problem. But its easy to get parking in front of room. No laundry, but the clerk gave me directions to the closest laundromat. Remodeled rooms. Strong wi-fi signal, but it isn't free. My room has a microwave and refrigerator but I paid extra for it. Shower stall and A/C wall unit.
They called in the morning to see if I needed housekeeping. Such a nice change from pounding on the door and having a shouted conversation through the door about how I'm naked and want to sleep. No towels, thanks. Yeah, the phone method seems much more civilized, and I wish it were more commonly practiced.
Not much grass for River, but this is the desert.
The hot water was sometimes an issue at the far end of the building. The door stopped locking and it took them two days to fix it. The phone in the lobby seems to come unplugged at times.

Santa Fe - 3695 Cerillos Rd.
I wasn't able to park near the door. Room had microwave and fridge. free basic wi-fi or pay for high speed. Laundry was acting funny so I only paid a quarter to wash and 75 cents to dry!


Albany - Central Ave

Bathtub, microwave and refrigerator in the room. Also a few cockroaches and flies. No fan in the bathroom, but the window opens about an inch and has a screen. The front window doesn't open. The air conditioner seemed really dirty and I was afraid to turn it on. Strong chemical smell when I first walked in and I had to air it out. No laundry, no vending machine. Ice machine in the lobby. 
Wi-fi is free for everyone and actually not bad. Not much grass for River.
It seems to be run by an Indian family that were all very friendly and efficient.
The traffic on Central Ave makes getting into and out of the driveway take a long time.
Buffalo (Williamsville) - Freeman Rd

Lots of grass surrounding property (also lots of dog poop). Zero visibility from the street, and even the building is discrete. I didn't even see a "Motel 6" or "Office" sign, I just saw a small sign on the wall pointing to "Lobby". Has microwave, vending and laundry. Wi-fi was strong. There are only a few rooms with parking near them. I had a bathtub. Windows don't open. Staff was very friendly. 


Charlotte - Queen City Dr.

No bath towel in the room, but there were plenty of hand towels and washcloths. When I went to the front desk to get some towels, they gave me ONE. At some point, between my two showers, a black smudge stain ended up on the ONE towel they gave me, so I had to dry off using a hand towel. 
No laundry and no microwave, although I did have a microwave and refrigerator in my room. And the wi-fi was free and strong enough to use.
The ice machine requires the room key inserted to work. 
All staff were really friendly. Lots of grass all around for River to run on.
Charlotte - Red Roof Dr.

Well placed signs make an out-of-the-way property easy to find. Very friendly check-in and easy to get parking by the door. Laundry, vending, ice and microwave all in the lobby vestibule. There's also a fridge and microwave in my room. Free Wi-Fi that actually has a good signal, even if it's spotty at times. Lots of grass for River. Bathtub in the room. fluorescent light in the vanity area didn't work. 


Grove City - Stringtown Rd.

The last time I stayed here, some kids were making so much noise outside of my room that I couldn't believe it. I actually got my camera out to film them so my friends would believe how noisy they were being. I ended up getting wrapped up in their games so River and they and I played for about an hour. 
This time, a group of guys started playing soccer in the parking lot right in front of my room. Again, I couldn't believe the audacity, so I got out my camera just so that my friends would believe that this really happened. 
I don't know what about this location makes people so inconsiderately noisy. 
Good parking, lots of grass. 
Macedonia - Highland Rd. E

Parking near room. The first room I was given wasn't clean and the only other one they had on the ground floor had only one bed. Microwave and refrigerator in my room. Good wi-fi. Friendly check-in. Big sign. Shower stall. Laundry available but of the two sets of machines, one washer and one dryer is broken. There are also two ice machines, but one is broken. The vending machine only accepts coins?!
There is an abandoned Chinese restaurant on the property.

Mason - Bardes Rd.
I don't remember anything about this place. I checked in late at night at the last minute after discovering that the Motel 6 in Jeffersonville, IN was closed down. 


Oklahoma City - N I-35 Service Road

Terribly inconvenient. I was given a third floor room. The elevator was quick; smelled like urine. Outdoor corridors. Ice machine was broken, but the clerk said I could go get some from Days Inn. When I told them that at Days Inn she smirked and said "Oh did they?" But led me to the ice machine and said I could have all I wanted. Bathtub in my room. Motel 6 sign visible from highway. Easy to find. Very little in the way of grass, and most of that has burs in it.
In the morning, as I was checking out, some guys were working on the ice machine which is right outside the elevator on the ground floor.



Baker City - Campbell St.

New property with a vintage feel. I saw the motel from the highway and wanted to stay there because of the neon sign saying Always Welcome Inn. Check in was a bit slow as they were obviously getting used to the system. The room has a bath tub, free wi-fi, a couch, table and chair, microwave and refrigerator. 
Grass out front. All rooms face the parking lot. 
Bend - SE 3rd St.

A rather expensive Motel 6, and the rate was more than what it showed on my reservation email. There's a large sign taped to the front desk saying that even though marijuana has been made legal in Oregon for recreational use, they intend to call the police if anyone smokes it on the premises. There's signage on the pool saying "no dogs. no pets. no smoking. no glass." (bongs, I assume) 
Hardy's burger shack across the street.
The room includes a microwave and refrigerator and free wi-fi (slow but workable) and HBO. Bathtub. There's a big sign out front, but obscured by bushes until the last minute, and I didn't see anything from the highway. I came from the south.
I saw an outdoor vending machine area, right outside room 119. Haven't yet seen ice or laundry. 

Coos Bay - Bayshore Dr.
I've stayed at this location several times. Great parking, nice laundry, friendly desk, no surprises.
Klamath Falls - S 6th St.

I've been here several times. Giant sign on S 6th St., but not much signage from the freeway. The clerk was super friendly and check in was easy. Check out is at noon. Parking near door. Laundry, ice, vending and microwave in the lobby annex. Grassy areas all around.  Most important part: Windows open and have screens!
In the morning, the ice machine looked to be non operational as it was turned so that the back was exposed and the dispenser was blocked.  I asked the clerk and she left the desk, reached around to the front of the machine and filled my ice bucket for me.

Pendleton - Nye St

No problem finding it. Clerk was super friendly and she asked about my email 'firstdegreeblackbelt' "are you really?" Microwave in the vending area, laundry in the annex.  Big grassy area all around, with one corner noted as the Pet Area. Checkout is at noon.
Wall mount A/C. Glass doors on shower stall. Remodeled orange. The wi-fi is terribly slow and sometimes cuts out completely for minutes at a time. 
Portland - SE Stark St.

Fun water feature in the parking lot.
Good signs. Easy check in, although she doesn't seem to have pennies. I'd think in that case, you'd give the customer the benefit of the doubt and give back a nickel, rather than owing 3 cents and saying, "Sorry, I don't have any pennies."  The rate was higher than what I was quoted on my reservation letter. I think Oregon has a stiff hotel tax that Motel 6 doesn't include in their figures. 
There is free wi-fi, which is good enough for me to upload videos, but also drops off on regular occasions. There's a guest laundry and vending and ice machines.
Inside the room, I have a bathtub, a microwave and a refrigerator.  The windows open and have screens.
The pillows here are unreasonably big.  Not hard but very thick and dense. As a back sleeper, it hurts my neck and I woke up with a headache. Sleeping on one's side would be the only way to safely use this type of pillow. I called the front desk to inquire about thinner pillows to no avail.
I arrived on Friday night and it was busy.  Lots of 'activity'. So much that River had a hard time finding a peaceful spot to poo in.  Around the back is a nice secluded rocky area that worked just fine.
Seaside - Roosevelt Dr.

A prison with terrible parking. I had to park all the way on the other side of a restaurant sharing the same parking lot. Every guest in the place has to enter the corridor from one of two doors. The rear one is locked after 10pm. I encountered many people smoking outside that door and several other dog-owners which made entry and exit a stressful situation. I left most of my belongings in the car because it was such a long haul to get to my room.
Springfield - International Ct.
Good parking, friendly check-in. Check out is not until noon. Laundry ($2/$2). Nice seating area in the grass outside. Vending and microwave near lobby. I had always stayed at the Eugene location when in the area, but they have no laundry. This is a much better location.



Columbus - N High St.

First of all, I should mention that this is 7474 N High St, because there is another Motel 6 right next door. This is confusing and the signage is poor for both locations, to boot. I originally went to the bigger property and when they couldn't find my reservation asked if I was looking for 7474. They said it happens ten times a day, every day. 

I'm actually glad that I didn't stay at the bigger one. It used to be a Red Roof Inn and was recently bought by the Motel 6 corporation. It still has a Red Roof look and feel. The doors are blue and the staff are wearing Motel 6 t-shirts, but that's about where it ends.  The big problem in my eye is the doorman. He is huge and walks funny, two things that make River very nervous. And he was insistent upon opening the door for us and even calling the elevator as soon as we got to the lobby. 

At the proper location it has a more Motel 6 feel. They didn't have a ground floor for me. There is a microwave and refrigerator in my room. Also a tub. Plenty of grass for running River. I saw a couple of washers and dryers. 



Altoona - Sterling St.

Nice property with good grassy areas for River.  They gave me a room way in the back and I had the whole area to myself. Friendly check in. Good visibility. Ice, microwave, laundry and vending all in one room near the lobby. Flintstones decor at the lobby.  Bathtub in my room.

Pittsburgh - Beecham Dr.

Easy to find. Huge lawn out front. (guys playing soccer). Desk check in was thorough and friendly. Laundry and microwave, ice and vending near lobby.Windows don't open. Got a good parking spot right in front. 


Florence - S. Irby St.

This place was just recently purchased by Motel 6 and still looks a lot like whatever it used to be. They had given me a second floor room which I balked at. So they let me stay in the room while they cleaned up a downstairs room. She got me a room that I could park right next to the door. The property still needs a lot of work. Upstairs, there were two matresses on the guest walkway with a giant spider web connecting them to the wall, making it seem like they've been there a while.
There is a microwave and refrigerator in my room. And a bathtub.
There are two washers and two dyers and they ALL have "Out of Order" signs on them. 
It was easy to find the place and there is plenty of business nearby.

Florence - W Lucas St.

This place was recently purchased by Knight's Inn. I made a reservation with Motel 6, but all the signs said Knights Inn. But they had my reservation on file, so I stayed. As I was checking in, another guy complained that the room was too cold and asked for his money back. When I got to my room, the A/C was definitely on way too high and I needed to leave the door open to let in some of the hot, humid South Carolina air. 
Laundry on site is $2/$2. Ice and vending near the office, too. 
Good accessible parking in many of the rooms, but the grounds look like army barracks. 
Many of the room are "Smoking" and the smell permeates a bit. The old blue decor is VERY grungy. 
Wi-fi is not free. 



Rapid City - Latrobe Ave

Good signage and good parking. Friendly and efficient check in. Extra form to sign, a re-iteration of the dog policy. I took River to the rocks on my side of the property anyway. Laundry. Microwave, vending and ice. Wi-fi is spotty but workable.
Shower stall in my room, with glass walls and door. No A/C wall unit; central system. Vent is above sink area and looks filthy. Windows don't open. 

Sioux Falls - Russell Ave

Nearly perfect. Good, big sign, although the property seemed to be several miles from the Interstate, which was weird. Late night check in was friendly and efficient. Laundry. Microwave in lobby near ice and vending. Parking right in front, outdoor corridors. Bathtub in my room. good wi-fi signal. Check out is at noon. Lots of grass for River.


Amarillo - Paramount Blvd.

I've stayed here three times. U-shaped room configuration makes parking possibly tricky to get close to the room, but I got lucky and found a place right next to the door. 
There was a laundry which I didn't use. I didn't see a microwave, but didn't look for one, either. Some patches of grass, but seems to be full of burrs or chiggers or something that makes River not want to be on it, and he scratched himself all night and had a pink rash on his belly.

Corpus Christi - Lantana St.

There's plenty of parking in front of rooms, but they gave me a second floor room. There were signs on both ice machines that said "Sorry Not Working" even though one of them did work. The laundry is in the vending area with the ice machines, next to the office. It's open all night and there's no microwave.
The sign is only very briefly visible from the freeway, and not at all from within the city. The driveway isn't marked, and I drove into a neighboring motels parking lot.
During an evening walk, a stray dog came and challenged River like he owned the place, and a drunk dude drove up to us in the parking lot and very creepily said, 'You have a pretty dog."  River barked at him.

Del Rio - Veterans Blvd.

Easy to find. Several places with easy access parking.  Whataburger 24 hour Drive-Thru is right next door.
Free Wi-Fi. My room had a microwave and fridge in it that I didn't request or pay for.
There is a laundry facility. The ice machine looked functional but was empty. It was noon on a hot day and the desk clerk said she JUST gave the last of her ice to another guest. 

El Paso - Gateway Blvd.

"the M. C. Escher place" lots of stairs and a sloping property makes for some weird effects. Driving around after check-in, you'll end up on the 1st floor, but if you walk through the lobby, you have to go either upstairs or downstairs. If you go down, you're still only on the 2nd floor. Confusing, and the parking situation is terrible. Very few rooms are near the parking. The back half of the building opens out to a big dog lawn. The pool was labeled "Closed for the Season" And it was mid May in Texas. What season? I took a smoking room so I could park near my room.  I still haven't figured out the whole stair situation on the back side of the lobby.
The security cameras and announcements that you're being watched and recorded are a bit alarming.
There's a laundry facility and the ice machine works. I'd only come back in an emergency.

Houston - Katy Hwy

Great sign visibility from the I-10 Freeway. The clerk at the front desk was incredibly friendly. The lobby gives the impression it's going to be an interior corridor situation, but it's not. There's three floors of outdoor facing rooms.

A laundry room is on site.
My room had cockroaches and looked like it has been used often and hard. Not much in the way of surrounding grass for River, but there was a vacant lot nearby, a small dog poop designated area that River wanted no part of, and the parking lot is massive, although, strangely, it is blocked so you can't drive around all the way. 
The windows are permanently secured. No free wi-fi. Lots of grass all around. 
This is the location that lost power two years ago, just as I was about to check in in the middle of a raging rainstorm. I had to quickly find another place to stay and was about to be late for class. 
Lots of cockroaches all through my room. Unless it was the same one covering a lot of ground, because I never saw more than one at once, but I saw it (them) a half a dozen times the first day.
Irving (Dallas) - South Loup 12

Coming from the highway, the sign is nice and visible, but the driveway takes you to the back of the property. I had to drive around to find the office. The signs aren't clear. 
The laundry is cheap, only a $1.50 to wash and $1 to dry. I didn't see a microwave.
Windows don't open and the deadbolt automatically deploys every time you open the door from the inside. There is a big dog lawn near the frontage road. The lawn is partially separated from the property by a large shrub wall. Parking is tight because monster trucks hang out in the Fire Zone painted in red on the pavement.
Waffle house in the back where River saw a white cat. Whataburger a block away.

Rockport - US 35

My biggest complaint about this place is "GET A FUCKING STREET ADDRESS!!"  I hate it when the listed address is 1-35 and State Road 3013. My system can't navigate to that  So, I finally found it, and it's a nice place.
A bit expensive, at $75/night but I guess par for the area on a Friday night.  They are sold out. The ice machine worked. I got a parking spot sort of near my front door. I'm staying in the room four windows from the left, on the ground floor. There's a whole cluster of rooms in that corner so not really parking right in front, but not bad, either.
There is free wi-fi, but too slow for uploading pictures. I had to use my mobile hotspot to blog.
I wanted to get some candy from the vending machines at 11:45 pm, but they were locked in the lobby. The guy opened a security window and poked his head out, telling me I could go to the 7-11 to get candy. I said I can't, I have a dog with me, he said, he was closed.
Bad taste.
I fed River under the water tower to the right of the building.

San Antonio - N I-35

Small place but almost every room on the ground floor is near parking. Free Wi-fi. Refrigerator and microwave in the rooms. Bathtub and windows that open (no screens). Lots of grass on property. Friendly check in. Remodeled. 

San Marcos - N I-35

I wanted to check in early, they were nice and able to give me a room.  The windows do not open.
There is a laundry facility. My room had flies in it and it smelled like bleach when I first opened the door. Lots of dog poop in the lawn just in front of the room doors, so kinda gross. 
Two stories, and lots of room face toward the pool area in the center, so parking could be hard.
There is a microwave and two functioning ice machines in the office vestibule, and laundy on the other side of the window, separate entrance. The laundry has one hi capacity front load and one regular top load. I got a free wash. Someone must've put the quarters in and got frustrated. I didn't really understand what the display was staying either. I had put my clothes in, and the detergent, and was trying to choose my cycle. It wouldn't let me select the heavy cycle; it was stuck on gentle. Finally I figured out the display was trying to say, "Press Start". So I did and it started. I figured I would wash my clothes in the gentle cycle if that's what was going on.


Green River - E Main St.

Good access to Arches and Canyonlands. Laundry, Free Wi-fi. Friendly. Scant grass w/ goatheads, but poop bags provided. Good parking. Fridge/Microwave available. Could hear cows from my room.

Midvale - S Catalpa Rd.

Good signage. easy to find. Desk staff was friendly and efficient. Laundry and vending and ice near the lobby. I didn't see a microwave. Good parking. Sealed windows. No bathtub.  Wi-Fi is not free and not reliable. 
Nephi - S Main St

This is a prison style location, but the side doors don't lock.  If you get a room on the end, it's not bad. But still, it's indoor corridors, so River runs into trouble at the entrance and in the hallways if people or dogs are walking by. Check in was friendly and the motel is easy to find, although the town of Nephi is a nothing, hole in the wall.  The food options are dismal and there's nothing to speak of except access to some National Parks.  But even that isn't so great. Capitol Reef and Great Basin are the two closest ones, and they're both two and half hours drive.
My room has a big tub and a microwave and refrigerator. The window opens and has a screen. There's a guest laundry and free wi-fi. 
Salt Lake City - W 600 S

I've been here before and didn't have any problems. Last time, there was a young couple camping out on the lawn in front of the property.  This time, I checked in late, like 10 pm, and they seemed to be swamped and sold out. Two men were at the desk and neither of them acknowledged me when I walked in. One was looking down into the cash register counting the money and simultaneously having a conversation with a disembodied voice called Shirley from behind the partition. The other guy was on the phone and looking at the computer screen. 
Several times, I expected that one of them was going to say, "hi. I'll be right with you." or something of that nature, but I think a whole three minutes passed before one of them spoke to me. The guy who was on the phone took two more phone calls before he finally looked at me and started off with "Do you have a reservation?"
When the time came to give me my room he said, "We were unable to hold you a ground floor room, so I have you in room 258, is that going to be OK?"  I shook my head, no. He looked surprised and went back to his computer. Then walked back to converse with the guy who was formerly counting money but by now, done counting and completely focused on Shirley. After that short conference, he came back to me with, "We honor availability." 

I had reserved two nights here but after the front desk experience, I decided to only stay for one.
The 'non-smoking' room I had smells exactly like cigarette smoke. Only one piece of soap in the whole room. The place was awfully busy for a Monday night, but the clerk said there was a convention in town.
I don't think the air conditioner works in the room. It's stifling in here. 
The next morning, even though I had requested a late check out (2pm) the housekeeper knocked on my door around noon, and a few minutes later, the manager did, too. I guess he didn't believe her that I had told her I'd be out by two. I opened the curtain (since I was naked, didn't want to open the door) and indicated that I'd be out by two. He was ready to balk at it and show me my name on his list. Next to my name, in big writing, was "2:00 PM".  He quickly relented and left me alone.
About an hour later an announcement came over the intercom threatening that anyone not registered as a guest would be reported to the police if they don't pack up and leave.
The whole feeling at that location was horrific. I won't return.
St. George - N 1000 E St.

Sign barely visible from the highway, but there are road signs pointing to the property.  Microwave, ice and vending in the office/lobby. I made my reservation two months ago but still they couldn't manage to save me a ground floor room. Free wi-fi. Guest Laundry. River and I were running on the grass and the sprinklers came on. Windows open and have screens.
The parking lot is lit up like a circus at night. 

Woods Cross - South 800 West
Good parking. Friendly check-in. Twice I have arrived before check-in time and they've been very nice and accommodating. Free Wi-fi-. No cold water in the sink. Windows sealed shut. Hilly lawn all around the perimeter, partially shared with neighboring hotel. Guest Laundry facility and dog poop bags provided. Check out is 11am.


Brattleboro - Putney Rd.

Kathy worked the desk and was polite and efficient. She gave me her business card and seemed genuinely interested in giving me good service. The Motel 6 sign was visible from far off and it was easy to park in front of my room. The windows open and have screens. There is no laundry or microwave. Lots of grass for River. Bathtub. 


Harrisonburg - S Main St.

This is a nice looking place. Too bad it's in a desolate town. HUGE lawn to run on and good parking in front of all the rooms. Ice machine and vending in the lobby.  Good street signs during the day, but terrible lighting at night and it's far back from the highway behind the enormous lawn. It would be easy to drive right past. Desk clerk was very friendly and efficient. The whole look of the place is unique. Bathtub in the room. Windows don't open. Free Wi-Fi.
Sandston - Williamsburg Rd.

A standard looking Motel 6. Good signage. Friendly check in. They goofed and gave me a room that was being remodeled, so it was a huge mess. But I went back to the office and got another room. This one was basically clean but had some kind of bread crumbs on the floor. River ate them.
The windows don't open. There's laundry, microwave ice and vending near the lobby. One of the dryers and one of the ice machines had Out of Order signs. 
Plenty of grass for River.
The electrical outlets in the bathroom don't work and the remote control for the TV didn't work.
During my morning walk with River, I saw that something had gone down the night before. A large section of the parking lot was blocked with police tape and some sort of investigation was taking place.


Moses Lake - W. Driggs Dr.

Friendly checking, clear signage. Well kept property. Free wi-fi. Laundry, ice and vending all worked. Windows opened and had screens. Ample parking near doors. Pot store across the semi-truck parking lot. 


Richland - Fowler St.

Sign easy to see. Check in was quick and easy. I used my AARP card and the clerk was super friendly about it. There's ice, vending and laundry in one room near the office. Good parking, but the pool blocks a lot of rooms from having good access.
I had a tub in my room and windows that look like they'd open, but wouldn't.
There is a lot of grass around the property, but much of it has signage warning to only take your dogs to the designated lawn. I walked around for a bit before I could find the designated lawn. But it turned out to be fairly big. 
Walla Walla - N 2nd Ave.

Windows open and have screens. Microwave/fridge in my room. Guest Laundry. Good parking. Friendly Check-in. Franchise owners. Charged more than shown on my confirmation email (due to a $2.50 Tourist Tax, according to Motel 6 corporate). A sign here says "no dogs on lawn and no back in parking." I did both.


Brookfield - Bluemound Rd

I've stayed here several times, and it's always fine. Lots of good grass for River. Navigating to it is a bit tricky, but not from lack of signage. It's a traffic issue. Windows sealed shut. John, running front desk, is obviously afraid of pit bulls; I remember him from the last time. Many rooms are situated facing away from the parking lot, but at least the corridors are outside. I don't think there's a guest laundry. 
Green Bay - Shawano Ave

great sign, but difficult accessing the driveway on a busy street. a big black boxer puppy basically resides over the front office, so River was on edge the whole time we went toward the front. There is a big gorgeous park behind the property, and we were close to that. Many mosquitoes in the park. None in the room, just one cockroach. No tub. No laundry. It took a really long time to get hot water from the shower. T configuration of the building makes many rooms without good parking access.


Jackson - US Hwy 89 

One of the most expensive Motel 6s in the chain. but a top notch property. Plenty of grass around, and wood carvings of bears. Several dog poop bag dispensers, well stocked. Good signage. Easy and friendly check in. Laundry, vending and ice. Microwave and refrigerator in my room. Refrigerator made a constant mechanical spinning sound. Shower stall and wall mounted A/C. strong wi-fi.
I couldn't park near my room, which was facing in toward the pool. Remodeled rooms.
Riverton - E Fremont Ave
The most unique feature here is the spiral staircase; the only way up to the second floor from the parking lot. This photo was taken from my room, which is a long walk around when carrying four or five loads of luggage. Fortunately, I was in room 258, which is right near a hidden staircase that leads to a secret annex parking lot in the back, so my lugging wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
This place has free wi-fi, windows that open, and screens. Remodeled rooms and a coin laundry. 


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My name is Jason I'm a construction worker and it stayed off and on at Motel 6 for the last six or seven years traveling on the road doing construction spent tens of thousands of dollars have the company I was staying in Rolla Missouri and the lady that's a manager kicked me out and got me banned from Motel 6 because I complained about the cleaning lady only cleaning my room once every two weeks and her price gouging me and charging me more than what the website said on purpose it's too bad this corporate company doesn't care about its management neglect or discrimination thereafter disappointed that this company can't actually do what it says and have nice clean comfortable environments like it's supposed to
Jason, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience at Motel 6. I'm not a representative of the company, but I have spent many nights there. I've had many kinds of experiences, but overall I have had positive experiences. I believe that we see what we look for, hear what we listen for and get what we bring. In other words, I believe that two people can have the same basic experience, but depending on how they deal with it and how they feel about it, can come away from it with entirely different understandings of the same situation.
I seriously doubt that you are banned from the entire Motel 6 chain simply because you complained that the rooms were not cleaned properly or that you didn't get the advertised price. But perhaps the manager of that chain got tired of you complaining and invited you to go somewhere else.
I have encountered some unsavory managers, too. For example, I will never go back to the one near Ohio State Univ because the manager flew off the handle when I asked why I was getting a different rate than what showed up on my reservation letter. But I informed the Customer Relations department at corporate headquarters and let it go. In most cases, when I've had a problem, I was able to get a resolution by bringing it to the attention of Customer Relations. If they can't help you then it's probably time to look objectively at what you think the problem is; because maybe it's not as one-sided as you originally thought.
I have looked at many, many reviews online of particular Motel 6 locations and I've gotten to the point where I can see through them. Usually it's an overblown complaint about a frustrating situation, but I get a laugh out of it how it boils down to extreme reactions. Even when I am tempted to write complaints myself, I cant' help noticing how they sound petty and entitled. People end up saying ridiculous things to try to make their case seem more obvious. For example, I got a laugh over how you thought you were evicted because of what you said on the survey. I promise you, there's more to it than that.

NOTE: The "unknown" commenter is named Jason, but it's NOT me. -Jason Alan Griffin
Cherokee Inn said…
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