Amazing Two-Day Stay in Coeur D'Alene

I woke up early on Thursday to get ready for the Woodstock Experience Nia class at Peak Fitness Center in Hayden. Jamie, my host, met River and I outside and let us in the back door.

This is my third or fourth time at Peak Fitness, and it's always a big, enthusiastic group.  Also, the class is free to members, so we usually put out a donation bowl and I do pretty well considering it's all out of the kindness and generosity of the students.

As I've come to expect from the Hayden crowd, they came fully decked out in the dress of the theme. This year, of course was 60's so the tie-dye was plentiful.  Besides the generosity of cash they dropped in the bowl artfully created by one of the students, I was also given a leopard print bandana which I put on my head and wore for class
and a gemstone bracelet made of Golden Citrine and Amethyst.  Elizabeth was the artist and her company, named after her dog, is Hannah's Heart Gemstones. I got to choose from a wide variety of bracelets.

We turned the lights down in the cold aerobics room and turned up our imagination. We were transported to the farm in New York in 1969 and FreeDanced to our hearts' desire for Love, Peace and Music.

The FreeDancing format allowed for several students, at different times, to speak to me and thank me for the class. I was thanked during the routine four times. That's a first for me. You're welcome!

Afterward, some of the students invited me to lunch, but I declined. They were interested in green juice and salads, and I was in burger mode. They suggested a burger place, which I went to.   Jamie made the comment "less is more" about Hudson's and I didn't quite know what she meant.  But if you read the blog you'll see that they have an austere approach to burger-making.

Then I went back to my motel room and did my laundry.

I had originally planned on staying here a third night, because I was going to set up teaching gigs in nearby Sandpoint and Spokane.  But neither of those places materialized, so I made some last minute change of itinerary and will now be leaving in the morning for my next adventure.


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