Down Time in Wisconsin; Green Bay to Milwaukee

In Green Bay, I spent much of the day in the motel room, watching YouTube. And the rest of the day was spent outside walking, playing with or feeding River. It was a very boring, low-key day, which I felt like I needed. It was nice.

The next morning I took off for a short trip to the Milwaukee area (Brookfield).

We stopped to play at a county park near one lake in Chilton, WI but dogs weren't allowed on the shore so we hung back and played on the grass.
I drove past farms and lakes (but not the great lake) and through the Kettle Moraine state forest in a cute town called Dundee.

When we got to Brookfield, I picked up some food for River at the store, and I stopped to get myself a burger. I ordered it in advance and when I went to pick it up, saw that there were tables outside that no one was using. It was sprinkling rain, but even the inside of Jake's was empty.  It seems a shame because the burger was really good. Maybe it's too expensive for the community or in a bad location, but there's no reason the place should be empty at 4:45pm on a Friday.

So I ate my burger outside while River lied at my feet. Then we went back to the motel and checked in.

In Brookfield, I've stayed at this Motel 6 about four times before, and it, and the whole neighborhood is very familiar to me. Without checking, I knew where the pet store was, and I know where the local health food market is. I knew to expect a blip in the system when my navigation directs me to miss the driveway, so I hit it. And I even recognized the guy that worked at the front desk. I remembered him because of his paralyzing fear of pit bulls. He handles it well; he doesn't hide it but also doesn't engage with the dog at all. River wasn't giving him any sort of stink eye or hackles or anything, he was actually interested in getting a treat handed to him from over the counter. But John was able to project his fear into River's face and read it as a threat. John audibly sighed in relief when our check-in was complete and I walked River out of the office.

It was nice to have yesterday off from driving and to have only a short drive today.


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